Help Link Asus pad to TV wirelessly



I am looking for a way to stream to my TV from my Asus pad and also to TV at client’s houses.

I have had a look online and found a few most seem to be for windows and so on, they still come with 8 wires.
Rather not uses cables

I was hoping to find a plug that goes in the TV and that’s it lol

Any suggestions


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When I went to buy my Ausus transformer I was also looking at the Ipad 2 and one of the demos the salesman showed me was the Ipad2 playing a film then a press on a menu and the onscreen content appeared on a nearby tv ....impressed me I must say.


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You can either use something like winamp remote, which just toggles playing controls on a computer connected to a TV (probably what was shown using the iPad in the above post), or get GoogleTV, which will surely (if not already) have media sharing between all Android devices.

I think the Transformer's own MyNet app can do this too, but you'd have to get that app on a GoogleTV device.

Otherwise, you either have to use an HDMI wire, or a cumbersome wireless video transmitter that you'll have to carry around (wire is easier as a temporary solution)