Feb 23, 2012
ok, just got this fone.

i noticed like a complete ass, this fone has internal flash that it mounts as /storage/sdcard0
with is mindnumbing cause most apps i use stick user files on the sdcard.. giving us a convenient way to back up user data.

my SD card is mounting at /storage/external_SD

fine.. i dont care.. but many apps dont give me the option to specify a new place to put shit..
MTP is now the only shitty option for managing files over usb.. and with the former issue mentioned its just frustrating to have to keep moving files out of this tiny sdcard0 directory and into external_SD .. and now i can only do it easily with the one machine in my house with windows & as xp, mac and linux all choke on MTP..

so anyway.. i thought it might be a good idea to maybe create a symlink from sdcard0 to /storage/external_SD..

would this work? force it to stash files on the external?

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omg !! yes!! thats exactly what i need.

i tried the steps tho, verbatim.. bout 3 times.. no dice. I replied to the thread.. dunno what i did wrong.
i'm so appalled by the programming choice to do this..