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Link to .596 OTA (Rooted/Odexed/Deodexed/Etc)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lexluthor, May 28, 2011.

  1. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  2. Steven58


    Stuck for a day or two. Thank you, Lex. :)
  3. woodstorm

    woodstorm Android Enthusiast

    Stock is up and running too.
  4. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones...

    I successfully updated to .596 by SBFing to stock, then installing the two part TBH update. Installation went smooth as silk.

  5. Bugly

    Bugly Android Expert

    I have these uploaded to my megaupload account, if the server is busy for the original post, hit me up and I'll send you links to everything you need except for the D2 bootstrap, since that's a paid app.
    This official version is too good to keep from the masses...
  6. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones...

    I have seen the url for a free download of the D2 bootstrap posted on one of the major forums, but I'm not going to post it here because, as you pointed out, it IS a paid app. As a side-note though, you *can* use the Droid X bootloader, as long as you *turn off* USB Debugging. Since the "off" position is the norm on my DX, I usually just continue to use the DX Bootstrap app, with no problem. You just have to keep the formula straight in your head.


    P.S. Something else - before I undertook this update, I noticed that I had the Droid 2 bootloader App on my SD Card. I don't recall how or why it ended up there, but if you feel you MUST have that particular bootloader, look on your SD Card. It may be that the thing plops itself there as part of the installation process.
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  7. Bugly

    Bugly Android Expert

    I got mine through a proper download, so i know where it came from, lol... I figured the servers might get clogged up a little this first couple days so I uploaded the files for the full rooted version coming from FroYo, plus all the stuff needed to SBF (except bootstrap, as mentioned) This should make things smoother for a few people.
  8. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones...

    You're a good man, Charlie Brown. :)

  9. jbhumph

    jbhumph Android Enthusiast

    THANK YOU for posting these links!!! I've been checking all day yesterday and today for my OTA update. I am now on official Gingerbread :D
  10. Steven58


    Sure thing!
  11. Eryl Flynn

    Eryl Flynn Android Enthusiast

    Link isn't working, ends up translating to undefined.
  12. aloha.android

    aloha.android Well-Known Member

    Hey great links OP!

    I'm currently running zombiestomped on .595 , so would it be alright just to pull a backup of my .595 without it installed?

    Or should I sbf back to .340 real fast?
  13. trophynuts

    trophynuts Extreme Android User

    man....i go out on the boat all day yesterday and Bam i check the internet this morning and see that we got a great gift overnight :)
  14. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    Me too, posted by p3droid. :D
  15. jbhumph

    jbhumph Android Enthusiast

    Anyone know how much better the battery life is on Gingerbread compared to stock Froyo? Today is my first day using any sort of Gingerbread so I guess I will quickly find out....but WOW did stock Froyo not work out well for me. Apex was unbelievable but Froyo only got me through one day, compared to my 1 1/2 - 2 days on Apex.

    Just curious :) Still lovin' the blue look and the app grouping!
  16. jbhumph

    jbhumph Android Enthusiast

    I think I may have already answered my own question. I'm at 6 hours and still 100%. I've been texting some off and on to the GF this morning and even went online a few times. Wow is this awesome!!!! :)
  17. FishDoctor

    FishDoctor Well-Known Member

    Thank you for that bit of information! On my wife's DX, I installed the 2-part update from .340 Froyo using the DX Bootstrap App with USB Debugging set to off in settings and it all installed without a hitch! Seems to be working great so far...
  18. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    Check your PM ;)
  19. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones...

    My pleasure! I'm glad it worked out for you. :)

  20. F3AR

    F3AR Newbie

    Okay, so I'm on .340 and I'm going to install the two part files. If I install these am I going to deodexed?
  21. Bugly

    Bugly Android Expert

    got ya handled
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  22. marat2k6

    marat2k6 Lurker

    Can some one pm me a link for stock ota update because the other 2 links don't work for me
  23. Bugly

    Bugly Android Expert

    this one works, just checked to make sure. This is from my account.

    Megaupload files for upgrade to .596

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service RSD lite 4.9 (goes on pc)

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service Motorola Drivers (goes on pc)

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service .596 part 1 (goes on SD card)

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service .596 part 2 (goes on SD card)

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service Z4 root (goes on SD card)

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service FroYo .340 SBF file (goes on pc)

    This is for the rooted version, stock coming if I can find it myself.

    non-rooted version:

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WSTM8G7C update.zip (.596 GB)
  24. Bugly

    Bugly Android Expert

    I will pm you when I have it finished
  25. marat2k6

    marat2k6 Lurker

    Thanks because I have a stock droid x. so I want the official ota to drop on it and just do the update

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