Link2sd error



I am using a Xiaomi Redmi 1s
I rooted my phone a few days back and created an ext2 partition on the memory card so that I can move the apps to sd from internal storage.
After installing Link2sd, I freezed some of the system apps but did not link any apps to the sdcard.
By mistake, I uninstalled Link2sd without unfreezing the apps and now when I try to reinstall it, it shows an error: " Can't install Link2SD: not enough space" even though I have like 2.5 gb left in my internal storage.
I tried to re-install it from playstore, also downloaded the apk and tried to install manually but found no luck.
Please help.



As far as I can tell, the "Can't install Link2SD: not enough space" message, is bad news...

If I was you, I would redefine the Redmi to factory settings and do ALL over again...

Settings > Backup and redefine > Original settings (select backup option before you proceed to save data) > Redefine phone... :thinking: You know the drill.

It's like programing an application in C++, for instance, and get an error that it's easier to solve if you start the program from scratch..

Good luck. Meanwhile, I hope you have found other solution not as radical as this one.

Kind regards,