Root Link2sd: I can't seem to reinstall apps that were Perviously linked and on my SD card.


I can't seem to install apps that were Perviously linked and moved to my SD card.

Before this all started I wiped out my SD card with all the apps still linked to it ...
Is there anyway to fix this?


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Depending on what options you used moving the apps may only have moved part of the app. Even if you moved everything you could, the internal storage will still contain pointers to where those apps previously were on the SD partition, which means that to the phone the apps may appear to be already installed (but broken), which would explain why you could not reinstall them.

Your options depend on what other modifications you have made to your phone and what software you have installed. If you have a custom recovery and have recently made a backup using that, then restoring the recovery backup ("nandroid" in the jargon) will restore the apps. It will however restore their data, and the data of all other apps, to the state at the time the backup was taken, so e.g. you would lose more recent messages if you didn't back them up before doing this and then restore their backup afterwards. If you have made other app backups, e.g. using Titanium Backup, then you could try restoring the apps from that - I don't guarantee it will work, since I don't know what state things are in on your phone exactly, but there's nothing to lose by trying.

The nuclear option is to back up any remaining important data (e.g. messages, contacts if there are any you don't sync, etc) and do a factory reset. That will remove any partial apps or pointers from /data/app, which I'm guessing are the reason you can't reinstall these apps, and no matter what is wrong I can't see any reason you'd not be able to reinstall your apps after that, because you'd have a clean phone (still rooted, since a reset doesn't do anything to /system).