linked contacts? feeling dumb here


So since im new to android im not getting this whole linked contacts thing?

Can someone explain for the stupid guy here how it works causr some of my contacts have 5 linked on them and im nit sure how this works.

I also have some that say cannot edit sns in phone.
OK, what kind of phone do you have? WHich OS version is it running? If its an Evo, or Incredible, its asking if you want to link a contact in your phone to a potential similar contact you have in your gmail and/or your facebook account. this way all your info syncs nicely under one contact in the phone. Let me know if I need to explain further.
well ok that makes some sense but what about a contact that shows 5 linked contacts?

Again, you failed to disclose what kind of phone you are using. I will reiterate that whenever you ask for help, you must include this info and the OS version.

Again, assuming you are using a Sense device, if one contact is showing 5 links, that means you have have a contacts in multiple accounts that seem like they may be the same person. For example, there may be a person in your Gmail, facebook, twitter, and a similar contact in your phone, or second gmail account, if you have one synced, that may be the same person. If they are not the same person, you have to open the contact and tap the link icon. Then you will find the option that says something like "remove suggested links" or something to that extent. Then, you would link this particular contact manually.
Well, I have played with my Co-workers captivate for a little while, but I have not had the chance to delve that deeply into its workings, because I did not want to be rude and violate his privacy by glancing at his contacts. I assume it works the same way as my Evo in that regard.