Help linking contacts with facebook profile problem

I've got a problem where not all my Facebook friends are available for me to link to contacts. if that makes sense. I click the broken chain in the corner of the contact card, select Facebook , then there's some that are missing. Only noticed this because my girlfriend used to be linked but now isn't, and I cant find her, plus all the others that were linked before and aren't now. I removed my Facebook account and cleared all Facebook cache and data, re logged in and still got same problem.
I have exactly this problem, and seems to be rather common. I have tried various fixes that I found on the web, but none that I've tried has worked. I have not tried the following, feel free to try it if you are adventurous...

1. Remove your Facebook account from the phone.
2. On a computer, log on to Facebook and remove the HTC Sense app (Account > privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Edit Settings)
3. Reconnect your phone to FB

Now it should work... so I'm told, but I have not tried it...
If you do try it and it works, please let us know.


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I have this issue from time to time. It is normally when the name of the contact is not the same as their Facebook name.

To get around it, I set them a nickname in the contact which is the same as their facebook name. Then, when I select join, they come up properly.

Might work for you without having to remove everything