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linking phone and tablet for multiple apps

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by femgoth, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. femgoth

    femgoth Newbie
    Thread Starter

    hi guys, wonder if anyone can give me any pointers.

    firstly i have an xperia s running ICS unrooted (i have no wish to root it) and a nexus 7 running jellybean.

    i want to link the two together properly. i have tethering working fine but tbh i never need to use it. the situation is this. i spend most of my time either at home or at work. in both those places i have a very good wifi signal so both use that fine, and have both phone and tablet with me. the rest of my time is either spent walking to work with tablet in pocket, or in the city shopping etc where i have just my phone.

    what i am looking to do is have them link up properly when they are both in the same place, using wifi.. when at home or in the office the two are usually next to each other, so i want everything to go to the tablet instead (texts, emails, facebook notifications etc etc, but not calls). i would like them to know they are next to each other using wifi router access, ie if they are getting wifi data through the same router then they are in the same place.

    i installed tablet talk on both hoping that it would handle the texts but the two wont find each other using wifi at all, not at home or in the office. i have gmail/hotmail apps on both so at present i get a notification on both when one comes in but i figure that should easily be stopable using llama or something similar.

    anyone have any idea how to fix my tablet talk issue though, the two will just not find each other. i prefer not to have bluetooth on all the time because tbh the xperia s has a pretty poor battery life as it is and BT seems to drink even more.


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  2. femgoth

    femgoth Newbie
    Thread Starter

    ok i have played around with tablet talk a little more and have come to the conclusion that it is rubbish.

    i still cannot get it to connect over wifi at all, the two wont even find each other. have set up static IPs at home for everything but it keeps telling me my IP has changed since it last connected even though i have never connected before.

    i got it to connect through bluetooth, but i had to unpair my phone and tablet. then it gave me about 5 different pair requests each of which were with non-matching codes so i had to disconnect and try again, eventually it worked and they paired.

    so i set the phone to disable notifications when connected, and set up notifications on the tablet. i also set it up to auto start when i turn on bluetooth.

    i sent a text to my own phone, the phone used it's standard notification, the tablet gave no notification, but when you go to tablet talk the text was there and showing as read. fail number one.

    i then turned off bluetooth on both devices and back on again. but the two didnt connect, i instead got another batch of incorrect pairing codes, despite the fact that the two show as paired already.

    i have now uninstalled tablet talk.. if i have to enter a load of pairing request crap everytime then it is not worth the hassle. a waste of
  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    The dev will likely refund you, even if you're past the typical deadline set by Google. And FWIW, I don't think Android is set up to function quite like you're hoping for, as the apps in question would need to change their behavior (as opposed to handling it at the OS level) and stay in sync quoth each other, in addition to whatever they're normally synching (email, Facebook, etc). I see no reason why it *couldn't* be done, but I'm not sure there's enough demand (yet?) for devs to add it in. If you ever find something though, do post back as I am definitely interested.
  4. femgoth

    femgoth Newbie
    Thread Starter

    ok so i have found a part solution to the problem. seems that over most systems tablet talk should be ok to forward messages by wifi. however at both home and at work we have significant peer isolation set up which blocks router passthrough. should also be possible to do it over BT if needed but i dont like the idea so havnt played about with it much. i may have another play about at some point.. given we have peer isolation i am not sure it is ever going to work over wifi, may have to settle for BT after all.

    as far as the other things go i have 100% solved the case. using Llama i have set up several profiles.

    on the phone
    Home - volume 5/7, message tone to [tone], force other apps to silence.
    Work - volume 2/7, message to [blip-blip], force other apps to [blip].
    Out and about - volume 7/7, mesage to [tone] force other apps to [tone2].

    on the tablet (doesnt ever change volumes)
    Home - force other apps to [tone2]
    Work - force other apps to [tone2]
    out and about - force other apps to [silent tone (not volume change)]

    to switch between the profiles there are actions set up.
    when connect to home(or friends houses etc) wifi - switch to home profile
    when connected to work wifi (any of 100+ virtual mac addesses) - switch to work profile
    when disconnected from any wifi - wait 3 mins then switch to OaA profile if not reconnected, and play a blip warning.

    so far everything seems to be running smoothly. the delay on the OaA switch means that it doesnt blip when i walk around work switching routers.

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