May 25, 2010
Irwin, PA
Ok got my new Bionic today and have figured out everything but this... using the default email app which gives me the Yahoo mail option, enter my info and it says login failed please try again? I don't understand why... I even logged out on my laptop and reentered the info just to make sure and it log's in fine. So the info is correct, but it just won't link. Anybody else had this problem with linking their Yahoo mail? Thanks in advance yes I did search :cool:
Yea the proxy server from Verizon to supplies push sucks. Otherwise dig up the imap settings for your yahoo account and program them in manually instead of using the Verizon precanned push engine. Or just use the Yahoo app.
imap-ssl.mail.yahoo.com for the incoming mail server should work fine. Keep in mind you need to change the security settings...i think you just check the ssl server box and you should be good to go.