Jan 8, 2022

Hello, I want to present my game. Liquid Cat Sort Puzzle is a cute and addicting sorting puzzle game. In this game, cats of different colors have occupied all the flasks, and the player will have to sort them so that in each flask there are cats of only one color.

How to play:
- Click on the tube to select the cat to move;
- Click on the other tube to which you want to transfer the selected cat. Can be transferred, if the color of the upper cat in the tube matches the selected one and there is free space;
- The goal of the sorting puzzle is to collect cats of only one color in each tube;
- If there is a difficulty, you can reload level and start the game again.

- There are many levels of varying difficulty;
- All levels are passable;
- You can skip a difficult level for you by watching an advertisement;
- Completely free to play;
- Liquid Cat Sort Puzzle can be played offline.

I hope you enjoyed it)