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Liquid e-Micro SD/SDHC question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GeneralLeePizdov, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. GeneralLeePizdov

    Thread Starter

    Hi. I hope this isn't 'old news', but, I am a new owner of Liquid e and I wanted to upgrade my SD card to 32gb. I was told by retailer, (fido) this is nobrainer!:rolleyes:
    I , unfortunately have a brain, so I checked with Acer 1st. They said I CANNOT use SDHC cards, as the phone is limited to SD input device.:mad:
    I have spent hours accessing SD info, and it seems they maybe correct!
    I just want to know if anyone else has upgraded, if they have had any problems from doing so...( I need honest personal experiences, here)
    I am rather unwealthy, (read poor-as-dirt), and I can't afford to destroy this phone.
    Thanks for reading!

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  2. gwilo

    gwilo Member

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  3. GeneralLeePizdov

    Thread Starter

    I thank you for the quick reply, RoundEye!

    Here is what Acer said, from support:

    "Thank you for contacting Acer America. I would be happy to assist you.

    After reviewing your email, I understand that you need micro SDHC card for your smart phone.

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced.

    Please be informed that the Micro SD 32 GB memory card will be compatible with your system.

    Please be informed that the the 4GB SDHC card will not be compatible with your system."

    Tell me, can you get more ambiguous than that?
    Since there is No Such Thing as a 32gb Micro SD card, wtf does he mean?

    I have already read the info from the site: sd.org. , and I found it a little confusing, as well. They have a diagram showing the inter connectivity, which shows Sd into Sd controller, sd into sdhd controller, sdhd into sdhd controller, but NOT sdhd into sd controller. (find diagram here: SD Technology - SD Association

    That all being said, I am happy to note that you are using an 8gb sdhd card with no problems:)
    This should be sufficient, as I am not sure how much memory I will actually be using, so, it gives me some leeway!
    I appreciate your answer, and I will try to get up to speed on this phone, so I can be of service to others, as you have been to me! :D
  4. gwilo

    gwilo Member

  5. I am using a 16 GB SDHC and have had no problems!

    Also, regarding gwilo's post, what about just using the phone's built-in formatting tool? (settings> sd card and phone storage> unmount sd card> format)

    Would this not be an effective solution without extra software?
  6. gwilo

    gwilo Member

    The extra software is free and it is handy to have, if like me and have a lot of SD cards for many items (camera, Palm T|X, Creative Labs ZEN, Cowon D2, Nokia 5800, Liquid E and I can go on)
  7. gwilo

    gwilo Member

    The extra software is free and it is handy to have, if like me and have a lot of SD cards for many items (camera, Palm T|X, Creative Labs ZEN, Cowon D2, Nokia 5800, Liquid E and I can go on)

    The last time I formatted the card in the Acer I did use Recovery to do it (App2SD)
  8. jonatuna

    jonatuna Newbie

    I think Acer was focused on SD vs micro SD instead of SD vs SDHC. A 4GB SDHC won't work, but a 4GB microSD will. Physical form factor...


  9. gwilo

    gwilo Member

    But if you have a big enough hammer it will :)
  10. GeneralLeePizdov

    Thread Starter

    LOL!! As I pointed out b4, I am too poor to apply simple tools to the unit!! (Although it sounds appropriate! haha!)

    I agree with Jonatuna, that Acer was mixing apples and oranges....but....that kind of scares me :eek:

    Thanks , all of you!
  11. GeneralLeePizdov

    Thread Starter

    OhOh!!! Check this out:

    General: Brand;Kingston ModelSDC4/32GB
    Type; Micro SDHC
    Specifications; Capacity32GB
    Speed Class; RatingClass 4
    Features; Compliant — with the SD Card Association card 2.00 specification

    Versatile - when combined with the adapter, can be used as a full-size SDHC card

    Compatible - with microSDHC host devices; not compatible with standard microSD-enabled device/readers

    File Format - FAT32

    Dimensions - 0.43"x0.59"x0.039" (11mm x 15mm x 1mm)

    High-Speed Class Rating - Class 4: 4MB/sec. minimum data transfer rate

    Operating Temperature - -13
  12. gwilo

    gwilo Member

    I would look for a Class 6 card, as they are much faster if you want to use it for App2SD or media.

    The statement in red do not worry about it as the Liquir E is SDHC
  13. GeneralLeePizdov

    Thread Starter

    OK, Thanks again, but....I'll have to wait, as 32gb class 4 is the fastest available @ the moment :D

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