Nov 2, 2009
Currently using simply stunning, thinking about liquid gingerbread, cant decide if i should take the plunge. What yall think?
SS never liked my D1 so I have been running liquid for a while now and havent looked back!

If you wanna give it a shot, do a nandroid backup and then flash liquid after you wipe everything. If you dont like it, just do a nandroid restore.
Like monster said, it's pretty easy to switch ROMs. Just backup and wipe everything first. For me, I'd been a huge UD fan for a while but he's slowed down on updating his ROMs and they hadn't been running all that well on my phone since 3.1. Liquids newest (well, I'm running 1.8 now) has been a huge improvement, and the OC'd kernel that comes with it is great. Give it a shot!
I just flashed my original droid with with Liquid and seem to be stuck with a continuous boot animation. How long did it take to complete the setup for you guys?

I first see pouring water, then the word liquid, and occasionally a watery X pops up.

I can restore my previous image but would like to give this one a try. Just not sure if I should pull the battery or not. My other Androids didn't take this long after flashing. Going on 20 minutes now.
@Mark: that seems a little long to me

@OP: I've used both and they are quite similar, in my opinion. In my experience, SS seems to work a little better with my phone (but every D1 behaves differently).
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