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List of quirks and/or bugs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lawlhai, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. duratime

    duratime Android Enthusiast

    #3 Try yanking the SD card and putting it back in. Make sure to unmount it first. I had that problem once months ago and that was all I had to do.

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  2. BrianM456

    BrianM456 Lurker

    Nope, that didnt work.
  3. Jeephacker

    Jeephacker Newbie

    Keyboard lag possibly solved

    I was having a problem with the soft keyboard being very laggy and sometimes certain keys would just stop responding. I think I narrowed the problem down to the XT9 on the Samsung keyboard. When I turn it off, my problems go away. I would have the problems even if I was using the Android or Swype keyboards.

    Auto-complete not solved :-(

    The other problem I'm continuing to have is I appear to be missing the dictionary/word list that is used for showing suggested words. The only words that get shown are names from my contact list. Very strange.
  4. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    I did notice one positive thing. Usually by this time my phone is half dead. Well after the upgrade my phone is still at 85% ... not sure if the update has anything to do with it. Also noticed, which i posted somewhere else, that when you scroll and hold the volume, the phone will not go on "vibrate" and or "silent" therefore I Have to manually change the phone to silent OR when I have it on vibrant it see's "vibrant" as the silent button on the notification bar. odd!
  5. zoramac

    zoramac Lurker

    Sweet, that works. one issue down 2 to go thanks :)
  6. Wali4444

    Wali4444 Lurker

    Anyone find a fix for either of these? The checkered background when zooming is the most annoying.
  7. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    I agree! Very annoying!
  8. andbnew

    andbnew Lurker

    My camera did the same thing as did Facebook. I wiped the phone and now all is well.
  9. duratime

    duratime Android Enthusiast

    My bluetooth devices were working fine with 2.2, but at some point they decided not to work. I had to re-pair everything. Not that big of a deal if it's only a one time thing, but if it happens often, it's not going to be fun.
  10. lgp121

    lgp121 Lurker

    1. Voice call ringtone settings - force close
    2. notification rington settings - force close
    3. Camera - force close
    4. Gallery - shows nothing

    any suggestions?
  11. charlesdeanda

    charlesdeanda Newbie

    I had "Heavens Above" app before update. After update, it still worked fine. Did a factory reset to clear some calendar issues. Now I can't see "Heavens Above" Can anyone confirm is "Heavens Above" is available to you on the market? Thanks.
  12. EpicBoss

    EpicBoss Newbie

    You... Are... Awesome
  13. Slovak

    Slovak Member

    1. Checkerboard issue while pinch zooming in the browser
    2. Camera force closes while in sports mode
    3. Compass is totally hosed, 180 degrees off
    4. GPS still isn't perfect, doesn't lock fast as some report, but I can live with it
    5. In the call log, you can't just press the phone symbol to call a person back like in 2.1, you press the person you want to call back, then have to press call to dial
    6. Overall a slightly lags compared to 2.1, but still acceptable
  14. nickw511

    nickw511 Newbie

    My phone has spontaneously rebooted itself twice, and both times my battery % took a huge dip when it came back up. Both times it said it had between 70-80% but when it came back it had less than 15 both times. Not sure what the deal is. Fwiw I use batteryminder. I guess it could also be noted that the stock battery graphic remains as useless as it was with 2.1.
  15. wankel7

    wankel7 Lurker

    Wtf happened to predictive text...its been made not very helpful.

    Its laggy now.

    On phone call history i cant hit the green button to dial righ away. I have to hit two buttons.

    Why is there an unread message counter now. I use an app for sms . So having the counter means I have to read the sms in the 3rd party app then the stock app.

    This lag is super annoying.
  16. EpicBoss

    EpicBoss Newbie

    You... Are... Awesome:D
  17. jasonamd

    jasonamd Member

    You can also swipe the log entry to the right and it will call immediately. If you swipe to the left it will send a text message.
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  18. jasonamd

    jasonamd Member

    Nah...just repeating something I read on another site that worked for me. Glad I could help though!
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  19. CaNiKiCkIt

    CaNiKiCkIt Newbie

    1. Hard keyboard really slow
    2. No option to turn off geotagging
    3 weird firmware check option in the settings menu for the camera.

    Edit* hard keyboard is only really slow in the browser
  20. saycoda

    saycoda Newbie

    I just tried it.....altho i see checkers while the screen adjusts, my phone never gets stuck in that mode, tried a few pages too.
  21. saycoda

    saycoda Newbie

    Altho i've only had the phone for 3weeks there is a difference in the way the screen orientation works, it seems to be ultra sensitive going from portrait to landscape, yet it lags coming back.

    Wish there was a setting for those parameters and actions.

    Not impressed with GPS
  22. brokenfruit

    brokenfruit Newbie

    im one of those people that CONSTANTLY uses task killer to kill all the running apps
    Before the update, i press the task killer widget. the running apps are killed. thats all.
    but now, i press the task killer widget, the running apps are killed, and then a minute later, like..8 new apps come up again.
    apps that i dont even use, such as qik, music, ETC ETC.
    i hate apps running because i love to save battery....
  23. pntrafn

    pntrafn Lurker

    I agree this is super annoying and there doesn't seem to be any way to disable it like you could on 2.1.
  24. jamesbh

    jamesbh Lurker

    For me it's the Touchdown key... it doesn't show up in the market any more. I saw a reference elsewhere to Google having to whitelist OS releases in order for them to access copy protected code. If that's it, hopefully it will magically fix itself once Google acknowledges the release.
  25. brokenfruit

    brokenfruit Newbie

    after the update, the battery says its 100 percent but my battery widget clearly states it is only 94. i unplug and do it again and again. it doesnt go over 94.

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