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List of quirks and/or bugs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lawlhai, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. jra

    jra Newbie

    My Epic updated this AM OTA. I lost 1 App, a clock, no big deal. I do have a problem though. I cannot get the volume on the phone ringer to go loud enough. It isn't muted, it is just a very, very low volume. My Blue Tooth seems to work OK. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is there an App that would help?... or am I just missing something. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips.

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  2. lefty421

    lefty421 Member

    I've noticed that certain apps can't be found in the market anymore. The official PayPal mobile app for instance.

    I have handcent installed but can't seem to get android to default to handcent instead of the stock app. When I go into settings---->applications----->manage apps, neither handcent nor the stock messaging app are listed as default. Yet when i click on the messaging home key, it never gives me an option to pick between the two, nor specify a default text app. It just defaults to the stock messaging app.
    Which I can't stand.
  3. trayack

    trayack Newbie

    I did that....it didn't work. I honestly can't remember if before the wipe I was syncing it with google so it might be totally my fault. I am now though.
  4. trayack

    trayack Newbie

    I absolutely LOATH it....what arse hat thought to only have one selectable option?!
  5. trayack

    trayack Newbie

    Anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve my lack of contact pictures when someone texts or calls me?

    Also, how do I do the factory reset?
  6. rickinhou

    rickinhou Lurker

    Updated from the website and noticed a couple of things:

    -time to acquire GPS lock is significantly shorter. Great success!

    -Contacts hot key from bottom "home" row is gone. This isn't a huge deal, as I simply placed a Contacts shortcut on my main screen, but I'd like to get my Contacts hot key back. Suggestions?
  7. BrianM456

    BrianM456 Lurker

    My Contacts button is still in the same place
  8. fx72

    fx72 Lurker

    The phone does not keep the display on after fully charging.

    I have the Stay Awake setting set (Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Stay Awake) so the screen will always stay on when charging. When the phone has reached full charge, it will shut off the display. There is also a new notification in the top bar to tell you to unplug the phone.

    I have my phone plugged into a USB port to keep the display on so I can view the time and calendar events. Now it will shut off on me.
  9. wankel7

    wankel7 Lurker

    Has anybody else noticed the super finicky zooming while viewing a website? While scrooling with a single finger...that causes the zoom level to change.

    What the hell did they do to the android keyboard predictive text? Not having a spell checker on this phone was frustrating. But the preditive text function made it bearable. Now that is gone

    I wish I didn't upgrade. Damnit why is the hardware keyboard so laggy!!!!
  10. holes45

    holes45 Newbie

    Compass is totally screwed.
  11. gooberman

    gooberman Newbie

    This is my biggest problem. Also if I use handcent to read a text I then have to read it again in the regular text program or it shows missed message.
  12. lefty421

    lefty421 Member

    I've also noticed, since updating to Froyo, that swiping the notification bar right/left no longer dims/brightens the display like it did with 2.1. Not a huge deal, but it was a handy feature to have.

    And yes, my compass is totally screwed also. Which is a bit of a surprise considering how improved the GPS seems to be now since the update. My phone/gps acquires sats much faster than before, usually within 5 seconds or so where it used to take 30 seconds atleast. GPS Test also now reports accuracy down to 3.3 feet with 8 sats in use (10 in view). Which is much better than before the update.
  13. katanaram

    katanaram Newbie

    You just need to unmark "autmatic brightness control" from display settings and you will be able to swipe the notification bar right/left to dim/brighten the display.
  14. EpicBoss

    EpicBoss Newbie

    Mine too.
  15. lefty421

    lefty421 Member

    I've already tried that and it still doesn't change the brightness when I swipe the bar like it used to. Are you saying this feature still works on your phone, post 2.2 update?
  16. droid newb

    droid newb Android Enthusiast

    I use launcher pro so no problems with any buttons moving. Love the new stock SMS app. Installed free SMS PopUp and said goodbye to handcent! The only thing I've noticed is that ShootMe screen cap app no longer works on my unrooted phone. It used to work with 2.1 but doesn't with 2.2. Gonna have to try a bunch of screen cap apps to see if I can find another. I'm not comfortable rooting my own phone.
  17. ladysoleil

    ladysoleil Lurker

    Longtime lurker, first-time poster. :) Hi!

    My battery has completely gone to hell after the update. I pulled it off the charger about an hour ago and it's gone down to 50% already.

    Also, qik and a few other services keep starting randomly, which I'm guessing may be related to the battery issues. Not happy.
  18. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    I just started noticing also that whenever I try going to the market or gmail the screen gets a little fuzzy ... anyone else notice that? It's fuzzy for a second and it goes away...gmail has been acting up all day today too!

    UPDATE: a reboot fixed the fuzzy issue.

    Gmail is super slow when sending pictures from gallery, anyone know why????? I get the picture like 30 minutes later sometimes even later....
  19. wrangler88

    wrangler88 Newbie

    Yeah battery is shot also, even did the airplane mode trick. I have noticed if I turn off the data connection the 3g option when u hold the power button, my battery lasts much much longer. It seems like something is always trying to access the internet and that is what is killing the battery. Im still investigating what that is all about.
  20. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    Used update.zip last night, wasn't rooted to begin with.

    I still end the DRM service, but I haven't done the airplane mode switch as that was to shore up the Cell Standby leech. I've checked it a few times today, and I haven't been without signal all day. 8+ hours current uptime, 0% without signal. I've been using it quite a bit more than normal today and I'm sitting at 42% battery, and with this much use on 2.1.1, I would've had to put it on the charger already.
  21. ladysoleil

    ladysoleil Lurker

    My phone is completely useless like this- I've tried logging out of qik, which starts every five minutes, I've been killing it from running services all day long. I have 4g turned off as well, turned off notifications, dimmed the screen, and will turn off background data next. I'm just trying to keep enough juice to make phone calls at this point. Next stop, figure out how to take Froyo off, because there's no point to carrying around a dead phone all day. :mad:

    Incidentally, my phone is not rooted. I think that may be my next stop, if only so I can get #*#^@ Qik and Amazon Mp3 downloader off the damn phone. I'll take my questions about that to a new thread though.
  22. droid newb

    droid newb Android Enthusiast

    GPS was wacky as hell for me...battery pull solved that!
  23. Inspekt

    Inspekt Newbie

    My alarm doesn make any sound now when it goes off. I have all of the volumes set to high and the alarm aapears on the screen b ut makes no noise. The phone still vibrates though. Is anyone else having this issue? I got to work late today because of it!

    The phone is so lagged out wen typing text with the keyboard., plus the checkerboard screen when zooming. Honestly wtf how does it have so many bugs? Is samsung japanese for no quality control? I think I wil just go back to 2.1, I can't believe I waited 6 months for this crap.
  24. droid newb

    droid newb Android Enthusiast

    I use Zirco browser. No checkerboards here!
  25. Korartiz

    Korartiz Lurker

    Registered just to share with everyone my list of bugs since updating to 2.2 via the OTA last night.

    1. Whenever I open an application the screen changes to horizontal mode on the side opposite to the keyboard and sometimes refuses to change.
    2. Also getting the white/grey checkered thing on the browser.
    3. Can no longer silence my phone. It reaches vibrate and will not switch over.

    Overall, noticing quite a bit of lag in comparison to 2.1.
    I am not liking this. :(

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