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List of quirks and/or bugs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lawlhai, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Jumpstin

    Jumpstin Lurker

    Yes, I hate the new call log very much. Why isn't "All Calls" a filter option?

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  2. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    The old Alarm stock app doesn't work anymore, now it's the "Clock" app. Better as it includes a stopwatch and timer (if you're into that kind of thing.) To your question...there's a setting in your alarm. When you go to set, scroll down a bit and you'll see "Alarm Type". Choose "Vibration and melody" and your sound will be back. I believe, for whatever reason, this is set to "vibrate" by default.

    Thankfully, I saw this last night (my first night with 2.2.1) as I use my phone as my alarm clock too!

    As for the browser, there are many, many different options out there for a browser so you could try one of those. I don't have checkerboard on my stock browser (that I've noticed anyway) so I cannot relate.
  3. Inspekt

    Inspekt Newbie

    I did change the settings on the sounds. I have tested the alarm on all the sound settings and it never makes any noise, at best it just vibrates and shows alarm on the screen.
    Does the sound on your alarm work right or am i the only one with a problem?
  4. wankel7

    wankel7 Lurker

    Well downloading the app Smart Keyboard solved my keyboard problems. Wow the stock keyboards are so so lame.
  5. droid newb

    droid newb Android Enthusiast

    I agree! I didn't have any problems cuz I've had smart keyboard for a long time now...money well spent!
  6. itisagoodname

    itisagoodname Lurker

    Something seriously hosed the gyro on this update. Anyone else an X-Plane fan on here? Always been into flight sims but this 2.2 update mane the program useless. For some reason when in landscape orientation, the x-axis (tilt up and down) is reversed in the game and when the phone is on its side the controls go crazy. I've tried calibrating it several times with no effect.

    This same issue seems to affect the system when opening contacts, messages, internet, etc. It seems like it "defaults" to a landscape orientation but i really believe it has to do with the accelerometer being effed. Worked just fine on 2.1 and i cant find any more information on this issue here or on XDA.
  7. itisagoodname

    itisagoodname Lurker

    Knew id find an answer as soon as i posted. :D

    EB13 Bugs (And Some Fixes) - Page 17 - xda-developers
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  8. thecraigj

    thecraigj Newbie

    It is on my phone.
    view by > all logs is the top of my options.
  9. thecraigj

    thecraigj Newbie

    I downloaded and installed the .zip file on my phone.
    Reset the phone, and it took about 15 minutes to run through everything. I thought it was stuck for a while on the Galaxy S screen, but since it was changing colors I left it alone.

    My 2 "quirks" are:
    1. Gmail would not sync ANYTHING. No mail, no calendars, no contacts. I clicked on the apps in the manager and cleared the data from them all and had to re-enter all the passwords, but that fixed all the sync problems.

    2.The phone does NOT recognize my SD card.
    When I tried to check my various sounds, either the app or the settings would crash and I had to force quit. The gallery was empty also. The camera would also crash.
    After checking the SD card for errors, I pulled it out of the phone and reformatted it.
    Seems to be working now.
  10. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    "All logs" != (does not equal) "All Calls"

    Very, VERY different options.
  11. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    Sounds about right. Having to re-enter your passwords isn't really a bug or quirk, it is what it is. Doing a factory reset seems to fix everything for everyone, so it seems like you're in-line with the masses.
  12. PhonerSapien

    PhonerSapien Member

    Since getting the OTA update, when a call comes in from a number in my contact list, the name does not appear on the display. Similarly, the name does not appear by the number in the call log. If I locate the number in the contact list and save the contact, then the name appears in the call log and for incoming calls. Also, it seems that rapidly scrolling through the vertical contact list is jerky and hesitant - not as smooth as it was.
  13. MannyrtFresh

    MannyrtFresh Well-Known Member

    I've been having a battery indicator problems.

    Like I'm talking about the stock battery indicator on the top bar. On some occasions I put it to charge then wake up the next morning and charge light is still red the battery notification is frozen on charging sign. & rite now as I type this trough my phone the indicator is at the tip of full charge but keeps going full then slightly off.. it has been doing his for the past hour.

    Any tips on what to do...

    edited like an hour later: nevermind, i ended up formatting the sdcard and resetting the phone. now thats its fresh again im going to install everything manually ( i used a backup option when i updated to 2.2 the other night )and hopefully my battery indicator problem goes away along with other small issues i was having.
  14. thecraigj

    thecraigj Newbie

    I didn't have to do a Factory Reset, just a reformatting of the SD card.
  15. thecraigj

    thecraigj Newbie

    Well, it's not for me because it's ONLY showing me my calls, NOT my messages. I have a Messages icon that shows all my messages. The log on the Phone icon is ONLY showing me my calls.
  16. EpicBoss

    EpicBoss Newbie

    Clear the cache for your contact application. Pull the battery. Should clear up both problems

    Settings-> Applications -> Manage Applications-> All

    Scroll down to "Contacts" & "Contacts Storage". -- Clear Cache for each, check tosee iff contacts are functioning properly then do battery reset. Good Luck!
  17. PhonerSapien

    PhonerSapien Member

    For the Contact application, there's a selectable Clear Data button, but I'm not inclined to press that. There's a Clear Cache button, but it's greyed out and not selectable. Pulling the battery seems to be a common remedy for all sorts of problems. I'm curious - what does pulling the battery actually do?
  18. droid newb

    droid newb Android Enthusiast

    I was told by a tech that a battery pull clears all the circuitry.
  19. EpicBoss

    EpicBoss Newbie

    On clearing cache: you did not state whether you cleared cache for "contact storage", That Is the one where you should find cache - go back & clear it. I did not expect you would find cache in the application; it is just my practice to clear both if possible.

    On Battery Pull, don't worry, it is a completely safe reset not touching any of your data or settings while completely shutting down your device (just powering down leaves some functions running) Think of it like cleaning/repairing your registry on your computer; removing conflicts and clearing the app pathways by resetting all your circuits.

    Unfortunately the checkerboard, laggy keyboard, etc are a product of froyo compatibility and its apparent tolerance to keep even more apps running in background. ATK for froyo seems to help, switching to a 3rd party browser may help.

    I'm afraid we may have to root (something I prefer not to do) our devices to gain the full benefits of 2.2 without all these manual, trial & error patches. Alternatively, you may want to perform a factory reset, but be prepared to replace your preferences and settings. It shouldn't clear your user data but no guarantee, that's why the battery reset is a good, SAFE alternative.

    So go ahead >> Clear storage cache (try this with other laggy, hinky apps too) >> check contacts performance >> perform battery pull.
  20. trayack

    trayack Newbie

    The finger swipe on the notification bar does nothing for me...


    I did a battery pull and it works now. It also may be my screen protector causing me some issues.
  21. EpicBoss

    EpicBoss Newbie

    Are you on an Epic 4G? Sorry to ask but some of the posters here are screwing things up because they installed the update in other phones.
    If you do have Epic 4G and have disabled the automatic level function, its just a matter of grabbing the slimmer notification bar- its much harder to grab but IME once you do the swipe works fine
  22. danhaman

    danhaman Lurker

    For the keyboard thing, is it a matter of having the samsung keyboard the default (with swype). If you want the android keyboard, just go to settings>locale and text>select input method and select the android keyboard.

    Sorry if I misunderstood the problem...

  23. jaejaejae

    jaejaejae Lurker

    1. no option to stop vms =from showing up in the notification bar]
    2. sync symbol stuck in the notification bar
    3. i hate everything else that you guys hate

    - i have enough quirks of my own
  24. evo313

    evo313 Newbie

    when i hit the phone icon to make a call the screen turns sideways and no keypad will NOT show up.... i try turning it an it will never show upright... any idea why that may happen?
  25. PhonerSapien

    PhonerSapien Member

    The cache for both the Contacts and Contacts Storage is 0k, which probably explains why the Clear button is not selectable. However, I think I was mistaken and actually meant the call log scrolling being hesitant, jerky, and unresponsive. I checked the Phone application and, again, the cache is 0k and can't be cleared. And I'm also getting some sporadic unresponsiveness on the Manage Applications list as well.

    I'm curious what touching the Clear Data buttons would actually would do. Would it erase the call log and the contact lists? Someone also advised clearing data on the application Media Storage, but I'm hesitant to do this unless I'm sure what it does, and whether it's relevant to any problem I'm having.

    Also, it isn't clear to me how to do a "battery pull". Do you power the phone off, take the battery out, and put it back in, or do you take it out when the phone is powered on?

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