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List your top 5 "Can't Do Without" Apps

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by awriternot, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. awriternot

    awriternot Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Always looking for some new ideas. What are your favorite & why? Any little know apps that we need to check out?

    1. Apps Organizer- Even let's you add your own Icon to the Folders (labels) you create before adding to home screen.

    2. Cozi calendar- Organize your whole family (can even do by color)- with just 1 log in user name. This is awesome! They recently improved the notifications. You can now choose between text, emails, & the notification bar.

    3. Flixter- Syncs with. Vudu & Century accounts so you can stream your digital movie library. Highly recommend!

    4. Droidlight....cause everyone needs a flash light every now & again.

    5. My Coffee Card.....puts the Starbucks app to shame..

    Oh & smoothie king now has an app!

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  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!!

    1 PicSpeed

    2 Dolphin HD

    3 Phandroid app

    4 Angry Birds

    5 YouTube
  3. fightingirish

    fightingirish Well-Known Member

    Only five? Well, this will be tough, but here we go...

    1. Opera Mini (version 6.5, which is less buggy than the current 7 series). Lean browser that minimizes data usage (I have a soft cap).

    2. Quick Pic, the best pic gallery you can find. Stock gallery sucks!)

    3. Maps/Waze. Love having navigation and traffic info comes in handy during commutes)

    4. A quality audio streaming app, such as TuneIn, IHeartRadio or Pandora. Gotta have my music.

    5. Evernote, for when inspiration strikes


    - CoolReader, an e-book reading app.
    - Shazam, to find out who sings THAT song on the radio.
    - W&Y Pages - The whole phone book in the palm of your hands!
    - AllRecipes Dinner Spinner, which comes in very handy in the kitchen
    - various games, such as mahjong, golf, billiards, and yes, Angry Birds.
    - TV Listings - as it says
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Astrid - Reminders!
    Evernote - When I see something I have to make a note of.
    Sugarsync - I use this more than Dropbox.
    QuickPic - Stock Gallery is slow, and the "share" menu UI is horrid!
    Folder Organizer (kinda like Apps Organizer, I just like the interface better)
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  5. Bren S.

    Bren S. Android Expert

    ~Kindle App
    ~Dolphin HD
    ~Tweetcaster Pro
  6. I'm going to cheat a bit with this list, but whatever.

    1- Reddit News / Pulse - Easy time waster with reddit and I read articles with pulse

    2- Maven player / iSyncr - Maven is my favorite music player and iSyncr is an easy way to sync iTunes playlist onto my android

    3- Camera ZOOM FX / Quickpic - Fav camera and gallery apps

    4- Chrome - Self-explanatory

    5- ES File Explorer - File management

    Business Calendar
    DICE Player - Media viewer
    Elecont Weather - Awesome weather app
    Holo Launcher - Fast without the bloat
    Notes for ICS with Tasks sync - Simple with sync, just the way I like it
    Settings Extended - Change settings in notification bar
    SiMi Clock Widget - Simple clock with app launcher
    Smart Rotator - Set portrait/landscape/auto for specific apps
  7. gtbarry

    gtbarry Android Expert

    Free version does everything I need. Basically, any number calling that is not in my contacts can be blocked from ringing my phone or sending me an SMS

    It's chrome...and the closest thing to a real web browser I have ever seen on a mobile phone.

    Takes notifications to the next level. Each notification can have a different colored light or sound as a reminder. I can set how often the sound reminder comes on and for how long. As well as how frequently the light blinks. (Note: this in some cases is hardware dependent)

    Free Advanced Task Manager
    Allows me a one button widget that I can place on my home screen that kills all the running apps (non system) except those I exclude. Great as a battery saver!

    Just downloaded this today. Super simple app that works perfectly. When you use volume down to silence your phone a dial will pop up. You then set for how long you want your phone to be in silent mode (you can a time duration or you can also see the time of day for when you will set it to come back on) and at what volume. No more putting my phone on silent and missing a ton of calls cause I forgot to put the ringer back on!

    Since this come with the phone I figured I would cheat and include it as a sixth. What would we do without our gmail app?
  8. gtbarry

    gtbarry Android Expert

    This is an amazing app!
  9. tcat007

    tcat007 Android Expert

    1. Widgetsoid2 - used for all switching (GPS, wifi, brightness, sound), and all contact shortcuts (for GrooveIP calling).

    2. Gmail - Used daily.

    3. Gtasks - sync all to PC, including Calendar. Widget shows all tasks and calendar agenda at top, scrollable.

    4. Firefox Aurora - moving from Chrome to it, since I use FF on my PC, great syncing ability. Takes some getting use to, but very fast.

    5. Audubon Birds - (only because was Amazon free), very cool app if you watch birds at all, easily identify, several photos and sounds of each.

    ...and Go Launcher...
  10. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Android Enthusiast

    1) GO! SMS - Stock messaging apps always suck
    2) Amazon Appstore - Who doesn't like a free app each day (even if they've sucked recently)
    3) Airdroid - Connects phone and computer wirelessly. Best I've found
    4) Blackboard mobile learn - Great for students
    5) Photovault - Got it free on Amazon, and protects "private" photos from the public
  11. OnoreDecayed0

    OnoreDecayed0 Newbie

    1. Kakao Talk - Got my ESL student and teacher contacts there.
    2. TextWarrior - Reliable Word Processor for those documents.
    3. Vanilla Music - A music player that's no-nonsense for me.
    4. ChompSMS - Fully customizable app for sms, it just needs SIM2 Support
    5. Calendar - The day can't be planned well without a calendar.
  12. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Android Expert

    : (I am a feen for GOOD combo networking apps).
    YouVersion: Job and personal tool
    (Toodledo GTD sync)

    Hey... what is this "5" business? I am just getting warmed up! Honorable mention: GVoice (for all my telephony needs) and Business Calendar Pro.
  13. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

    1. Jorte
    2. Fancy Widgets
    3. Documents To Go
    4. Dropbox
    5. Mighty Text
    6. WIFI@Home
    7. Quick Calendar
  14. awriternot

    awriternot Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I really like the new Pinterest app.

    Some more?

    Transparent Screen. Looove this one when I'm texting & walking.

    Screen Lock & Off....can't live without.

    TV Food Maps....locate all of those restaurants featured on Food Network... Awesome!

    Where's My Droid....saved me on numerous occasions when I lost my phone & it was on silent.

    Smart Task bar

    I agree about Pulse...I love it.

    I just DL little bird bar & raindar based on recommendations so...to be continued.
  15. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    This is a hard one. (I have so many)

    1) You Vision Bible - Always love carrying around the Word of God without the bulk of my paper bible.

    2) My Data Manager - Keeps track of data usage and which apps use what data.

    3) Apps Organizer - Love have my apps in folders on my home screen. Don't really have to use the apps drawer.

    4) MoneyWise Pro - Digital check registory and budgeting app, to keep up with our 3 accts.

    5) Google Calendar - With 9 different calendars to keep up with, this is a must have. Color coded, easy to create dates and reminders. Also, can share each calendar.

    Here are some others:

    Google Maps and Copilot Live USA
    Bank apps
    Music - Pandora, iHeart Radio, PowerAMP Pro
    Entertainment - HBO Go, Netflix
    Grocery Smart
    Executive Assistant
    QuickOffice Pro
    HP ePrint Home & Biz - Can print anything from my phone to our home printer without having to be at home.
    Citrix Receiver - for work
    Timeriffic - Profiles set up to control vol., screen brightness, wifi, bluetooth, etc.
    WeatherBug Elite
    Cardio Trainer - Exercise log
    Calorific - Daily Calories counter
    Quick Settings - Control multiple switches from the Notification bar.
    Car Dock
    Volume Control - Set profiles to control Vol. for phone, notifications, incoming calls, media, system.

    Edited: 8/20/12

    Forgot to add these:

    ES File Explorer - manage and organize files
    Camscanner - scan documents to PDF and can send as a fax.
    Handcent - SMS/MMS preferred app.
    ESPN Score Center widget - keep track of all my sports
  16. donec

    donec Well-Known Member

    ES Task Manager with ES File Explorer

    Opera Mobile

    Cool Reader

    Wifi file explorer pro

    Fora Dictionary
  17. sanibel

    sanibel Android Enthusiast

    Use daily:
    * QuickPic
    * Shazam
    * TuneIn Radio (I've been listening to live radio from my hometown in Europe!)
    * PlayerPro Music Player
    * Handcent SMS

    Use almost daily:
    * TweakDeck (TweetDeck on steroids; functions like a plugin so you'll need TweetDeck)
    * Cozi Family Calendar & Lists
    * ScoreMobile: Sports & Scores
    * Beautiful Widgets (this one is almost a given and should be my top choice, but because it's a widget I forget I use it all the time... La, la, la)
    * World Weather Clock Widget
    * TouchPal Contacts

    Use sporadically during the week (still, fantastic apps/widgets):
    * GTunes Music Download V6 (download free music)
    * PicsArt - Photo Studio
    * Pocket Casts
    * Power Toggles
    * One More Clock Widget Free
  18. bioforce

    bioforce Well-Known Member



    Comic Reader

    Manga Watcher

    ES File Explorer
  19. Dark One

    Dark One Android Expert

    NoLED - Notification app that displays different icons on the screen for different notifications.


    ShopKick - Shopping app that you can use to get gift cards when you scan barcodes in stores. As a casual user I have used it to pay my phone bill with Best Buy gift cards for the past 4 months ($25 a month with Virgin Mobile).

    Referral link, we both get extra points if you sign up with it - shopkick

    Google Play link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shopkick.app&hl=en

    InvisiBright Pro - You can change your phone's brightness by long pressing the search bar so you don't have to back out of other apps to change your brightness.


    Wave Launcher - You touch the side of your screen and drag your finger to the middle and a customizable wave appears with whatever apps you put on it, so you can open an app without having to back out of whatever app you're using, and you have quick access to your apps without cluttering your home screen.


    Make Your Clock Widget Pro - Very customizable homescreen widget. Here's my current one:

  20. Mayhem

    Mayhem Android Expert

    Titanium Backup
    Opera Mini
    TuneIn Radio
  21. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Extreme Android User

    Probably not the best, but the most used by me:

    Clipper Plus
    “Clipper automatically remembers everything that you've copied. Open Clipper at any time from the notification bar to copy, view, edit or share old clippings.”

    AppBrain App Market
    “The best way to find new apps in Google Play (Android market).”

    “OliveOfficeBasic is a software suite for viewing word processing(doc/docx), spreadsheets(xls/xlsx), presentations(ppt/pptx), portable documents(pdf) and compiled help manual(chm).”

    Widget Notes - Whiteboard Pro
    “Looking to simply add a few notes to your home screen? Add Whiteboard Pro! The ultimate home screen note taking application!”

    DIGI Clock Widget
    “free set of 3 home screen digital time and date widgets”
  22. awriternot

    awriternot Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Jeff have you actually found good apps with appBrain?
  23. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Extreme Android User

    AppBrain is just an alternate way of accessing the Play Store, and to me it does a better job of organizing browse lists and search results. When viewing an app description on my PC, it also throws up an alert if the app has gnarly permissions.

    But (and that’s a big but), its Fast Web Installer -- the motor that invisibly sends an app from the Play Store to my droid -- has been broken for a while, meaning I have to get an app I find on the PC directly from my droid. That kind of defeats the whole purpose and he’s admitted that it’s a problem. I’d ditch it but I still like it for the above reasons, because I’m used to it and because I don’t go app hunting that much anymore.
  24. Adauth

    Adauth Android Expert

    Dolphin mini
    Camera Zoom FX
    Yellowbook app
    Bleacher Report.
  25. chicano

    chicano Well-Known Member

    My Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic Touch- Must Have Apps Some apps may require ROOT:

    5 Must Are:
    Screebl: keeps my screen on while I am using my phone, when I place it down, screen turns off. This is great for when using the internet and you don't want the screen to turn off.
    Lux Auto Brightness: this developer is awesome and responds quickly with any concerns- this app adjusts the brightness (on its own) of the screen based on the environment. Once you set it up, it does it work on its own. For all you once windows 6.1 users- this is like Lumos.
    Beats Audio:This app has improved the sound of my music. Sounds crisp and clear.
    Screen Off and Lock: This app is great because you can set up the app as a widget-like and just press and the phone turns off (not a shutdown). No more needing the power button.
    Beautiful Widgets: If you missed your HTC clock, this widget is far good enough and then some. Very customizable and many clocks and styles to chose from.

    Worth Mentioning:
    Android Taskbar Pro: If you like the start button function like that of windows OS- this app is useful.
    Storage Analyser: This handy app lets you find the apps that are taking up your space/storage and allows you to delete or move them. Must have for Samsung users.
    GL to SD: this little handy app is a must for Samsung G2 users- it allows you to move apps to your EXTERNAL SD card and not the internal sd card. Now you can save more space. Non Samsung users can benefit too, it allows you to move games and apps to your SD card.
    CraigsPro: love craigslist, this app is a must.
    Key Ring: tired of carrying alot of reward cards- this app lets you take pics of cards and gives you a professional look and savy when using it at a check out stand.

    I have more, but that would take more space and some have been repeated...


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