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Listing Running Processes on Device

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Omar Alharbi, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Omar Alharbi

    Omar Alharbi Lurker
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    I have tried every possible approach to this problem, it all comes down to the fact android stopped allowing third-party applications to access it. However, all I need is to know if a certain application is running or not. Is there any workaround that I can do?

  2. MoodyBlues

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    It? What's it? *confused*
    Like this?


    Yes. Do you have Developer Options enabled? If so:
    Settings | System | Developer options | Running services

    Then you can toggle between "Show running services" and "Show cached processes."

    If you don't know how to enable Developer Options, this handy-dandy guide will show you. :)
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  3. Omar Alharbi

    Omar Alharbi Lurker
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    In a development manner, not as a user of the system
  4. Unforgiven

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    Development thread moved to the dev area for better exposure.:)
  5. Omar Alharbi

    Omar Alharbi Lurker
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