Little Falls, an interactive police/thriller for Android

An anonymous call to 911 from a secluded cottage in the countryside of Minnesota, where a ferocious serial killer seems to be hiding. An agent is sent to check the distress call, but he'll have to fight to save his life. So begins Little Falls, the interactive fiction game dedicated to the daring exploits of the agent Gene Brown.

A man tormented by a thousand anxieties and guilt, Brown is looking for redemption after having accidentally killed a child in a previous rescue attempt. He is also haunted by the suspicion that his wife is betraying him, making it hard to concentrate on the job and successfully enforce the law.
This work of interactive fiction is in the style of Zork's series and other classics of the 80s, Little Falls allows you to interact with the story by changing the actions of the character based on your commands to the character. These commands are given in the traditional verb + object syntax (i.e. :> take the gun, > shoot the gunman, > examines the desk, > you open the drawer, > wearing a helmet, > go north...and so on...
Originally published in 2005 by the label software Mondi Confinanti, in a multi-platform format that, through the installation of free interpreters , allows play on all operating systems, Little Falls is now coming back in circulation as an App for Google Android in a newer version, with an interface more suitable for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
As the agent Gene Brown, the player will have to investigate the call to find out what really lurks inside the house, in a story with a syncopated rhythm that does not give you a moment's respite, until it reaches one of seven possible conclusions. Only one of the endings will ensure that the guilty are brought to justice, that Gene survives and the law prevails.

Little Falls is free and localized in English and Italian and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store

Can you guide Gene past his anxieties, suspicions, guilt and fears to ensure that the guilty are brought to justice, that Gene survives and the law prevails?