Live Wallpaper Fails after screen shuts off

I'm trying to figure out a way to lock the memory of my homescreen so that when I set a Live Wallpaper, it doesn't go away upon locking my phone/screen shutting off. Every live wallpaper I've downloaded, I've managed to make work, only until my screen shuts off. Is there anyone who's successfully gotten live wallpapers to stay on a mytouch 3g with 3.5mm jack? Like I said, some work, others just work until the phone is locked.

The reason I think this is at least plausible is that when I reboot my phone WITH a live wallpaper set that otherwise fails upon screen shutoff, it comes up just fine. So I'm thinking there needs to be a way to lock the memory of the homescreen in place so that it doesn't need to try and restart the wallpaper every time the screen shuts off. Any luck from anyone? Just wondering, I've done a lotta looking and come up dry. If not it's cool, I have a few that work upon locking/shutting off the screen.