Mar 13, 2010
I recently installed launcher pro beta (which I love) and removed home++ which I had been using for some time. I've also installed the latest update for launcher pro.

As part of this change I added some live wallpaper. Funny thing is that my phone (droid) will just spontaneously revert back to the background I was using with home++. The live wallpaper will work for a short time, then I'll turn my phone on and, voila, old background. I can't even find that background anywhere on my phone.

I have no idea why my phone is doing this and how I can delete this rogue background from replacing my live wallpaper.

Any advice is much appreciated.
I've just happened to give LP a try today. Will update here if it reverts.

Do you use task killers? Maybe you're closing the live wallpaper task, when you do so it reverts the wallpaper to the static background.