May 4, 2010
Kansas City
I have the Sprint Moment and have 2.1 loaded. I have downloaded some Live wallpapers but CAN NOT figure out how to access them!

I know this might be easy to get to but I have no idea.

Please help walk me through!

Try: menu wallpaper and they should show in there if live wallpapers is installed. If no, you will need to go to and look for the download for live-wallpapers.apk and follow the instructions on how to load it.
Download it to the sd card. Then you can use a file app like ASTRO to install it from there. Astro is in the market.

** remember where you saved the APK on your sd card **
I installed LiveWallpaperspicker, but when I go to apply my live wallpaper it force closes after everyone that I choose. Ideas?
I have samsung intercept. And when I try to download livewallpaper.apk it says file not suported. I have android 2.1 and I think that is a great add on to anny android