LiveProfile Beta is now available in the Android Market

LiveProfile is a FREE cross-platform messenger available for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. It's the BlackBerry Messenger alternative that anyone can use.

LiveProfile supports:
*BBM-like messaging
*User profiles
*Status messages
*Photo galleries
*Optional SMS support
*Push notifications
*and much more!

Get it here: LiveProfile - Stay Connected - BlackBerry Messenger Alternative

LiveProfile is already one of the top downloaded communication apps in the Android Market and growing quickly! Unlike other messenger apps LiveProfile virtually uses no battery power when not in use. See here



Totally going to bump this.

Just downloaded this app and I must say, probably one of the best interfaces out of all the available IM clients. Nice, clean, colorful and organized. At the very least right now, it replaces my messaging client but I'm awaiting for the BBM and iPhone clients as well to make it fully cross platform. With RIM giving the boot to Kik Messenger, I'm jumping on the LiveProfile bandwagon!

Would love it if they included support for Gtalk so it could replace the stock Gtalk client on my Galaxy S as well. I use Windows Live Messenger too so if that was incorporated into this app, it would be all I need.

One universal messaging app. I can't wait.