Android Enthusiast
Aug 3, 2012
Lex Vegas
I have an event I'm working on for quiet hours - bed time. Put simply, I want the phone to make no noise while I'm sleeping - unless it is from my family. So, I have the Event "Quiet" and list "between times 2300 and 0800" while at home. I have listed my family members in the Silent profile. I tested this out and everything is set to be off during that time. I had my wife dial and it came through just as expected (it overrode the settings). But here's my issue. Every time I've tested this, the phone call forces the phone to think I'm no longer at home. It then uses the Event setup for leaving home - which sets the profile to Loud.

1) Why does the phone call disrupt everything and make it think I'm no longer at home?
2) Since I'm at home and it's between the times I've setup, shouldn't it go back to my Quiet event? Do I need to setup some sort of repeat or something?