Jan 24, 2011
Hi all first post so go easy on me, had my dhd for about two weeks now and can't fault the phone, but tried to get internet banking on it and can't seem to get it to download, I followed all of the instructions on the lloydstsb website and I get as far as downloading a file (downloadclient.jad) but when I try to open it the phone asks me to complete action using either DB editor or file editor, if I then open it with either I just get a load of text? i'm stuck, any help would be great.

P.s the program is monitise

Thanks hOOter343.............
Yep I got this far and gave up because it really shouldn't be this complicated to install an app in this day and age..............
I had the same problem i called and spoke to lloyds mobile banking they claim they have versions for android and iphone in the works..currently the app runs on my old e71
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I was irritated when I switched from Nokia to Android and discovered that I couldn't use the mobile banking app.

On the other hand, the Lloyds website works much better in the Android browser than it does on other mobile platforms. I've been getting by quite happily with that.
The Lloyds website does not say that Android phones are not supported. I had to waste my time going through the registration process then phone them up to find out why the application download page appeared as HTML text.
Why are these people so stupid - they say that iPhones are not supported but not tell you that the most common smart phone operating system doesn't work either?
the really annoying bit is the amazon forest of mail you will get ina week or two from trying to set up your phone
i tried at first then swapped it back to the e71 i got like a dozen mails