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Local calendar sync needed (with detail)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Squiff, May 3, 2009.

  1. Squiff

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    May 3, 2009

    May 3, 2009
    I currently own a Nokia N95 and have been holding out for a decent Android phone to upgrade to (looks like it might be the Samsung i7500). I use the calendar on my current phone constantly, synced with my Outlook calendar, and this is a must have feature for any replacement. I don't need to sync my Outlook contacts or emails however. For reasons described in detail below, I need to do this locally, not via a Google account. I have seen many other posters ask about local calendar synchronising but nobody seems to have described a situation like mine (CANNOT sync via Google) in much detail although it must be relatively common:


    I am a middle manager in an NHS hospital in the UK. We use shared Exchange calendars, accessed via Outlook throughout the organisation- these are run by our own trust, not NHS.net or an outsourced company. At the moment I sync my calendar to my current phone manually using a USB cable and the Nokia PC suite a couple of times a day and this works fine. I have local admin privileges on my work PC but I have no admin access to the Exchange server. Apart from being incredibly slow, our N3 Internet connection has various ports blocked, making it unreliable and unsuitable for calendar syncing. Google calendar appears to use port 9080 for syncing for example. Aside from this some of my calendar entries are confidential and should be handled in compliance with Caldicott guidelines. Here is a sample summary of these guidelines from another (not my) NHS trust, but in brief I should not be sending data via a third party, especially not via the USA.


    Given that

    1. I have to use a shared Exchange calendar as a core part of my job
    2. I have no admin access to the Exchange server
    3. I cannot (am prevented) and should not (am not authorised) sync my work Outlook calendar with a Google calendar or any other third party server
    4. I need to be able to update my Outlook and mobile calendars in both directions
    What is out there for someone in my position who would like to use Android with these requirements and restrictions? I'm guessing that there isn't anything at the moment but what would it take to get something? If there are local sync solutions for Windows mobile; Symbian; Blackberry; Palm; Apple and various proprietary OS's then it must be possible on Android. Is anyone working on this at the moment or is anyone setting up a bounty to encourage a local calendar sync solution being produced?




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