Help Local videos NOT playing


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Good morning Android fans!!!

This question is perplexing me, and I cannot figure it. So I figure I throw it to the general public hoping to get a solution.

I filmed several videos (MP4) so I own them, nothing illegal, etc. I copy these videos to my network drive in order to play them on my TV. They play beautiful. I then viewed them in my tablet (ASUS memopad HD) and my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4); they play just as great. I then downloaded them to my tablet, so I can show them to other people, and they wont play, same thing with my phone. I have tried internal memory, cheap sd cards, brand name sd cards, different size sd cards, at least 5 different video players

In my mind, if a file works while being read from the network, it should work exactly the same when stored on the local memory (Internal or sd). Is there a magic trick here that I am not aware of?

Can someone explain the problem, and how to solve it?

Please do not recommend a different video player: I have tried several different video players, same result.

Your time and expertise are sincerely appreciated.