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Location based activity

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by FourEyedGeek, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. FourEyedGeek

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    Hello all, first post here.

    I have a smart phone and a tablet, when at home I connect both devices to my home wireless network. When at work or just away from home my phone uses 3G for internet and my tablet connects via Wi-Fi.

    Now I think it would be great when I'm at home both devices connect to my home internet automatically, then downloads updates and uploads backups. Then when I leave home my phone switches on hotspot, my tablet connects and both devices disable big downloads and uploads.

    Now I know for nearly every app you can state only download when on Wi-Fi, which is great, but I would want it to only download at home Wi-Fi and to force check for downloads at that point. Also since the tablet connects to my phone via Wi-Fi that setting is useless. So I have every automatic download disabled, then when at home I have manually run downloads and backups.

    Just yesterday my tablet downloaded 4.3 via phone without asking, I'd rather it didn't.

    So anyway, is anyone else in the same situation and does anyone have a partial solution?


  2. teddyearp

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    I can think of at least three apps that _might_ do what you wish. Tasker (there's actually a whole Tasker sub-forum here), Locale, and Settings Profiles Pro. All are paid apps, but you might be able to find a couple of free ones. You can use a lite version of Settings Profiles that will only allow one task at a time.

    good luck

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