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Location Changer

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Saralikesyarr, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Saralikesyarr

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    I am requesting an app to be a geolocation/local location changer.

    This would probably be a root hack spoofing the phone into thinking that it's lattitude/longitude were a different location or city.

    Why this would be helpful:

    1. Some apps, such as Tunein radio, are location specific.
    Maybe you moved somewhere where the local radio stations suck, but you want tunein (for instance) to think you were back where you used to live.
    This would let you listen to your old radio stations.

    2. Profiles. With a profile option, you could easily use it to change your local news feeds across multiple browsers at once, without having to go into individual search settings for instance.

    Want to find out what the news is in moscow?
    rather than change your google search settings, or make a custom individual search, just switch to your 'Moscow' profile in this hypothetical app, and go to news.google.com.
    Voilla! Instant local Moscow news, without having to change a bunch of settings in google or the browser.

    Then, when you are done, you could just turn the app off, like with Orbot.

    3. Security and privacy. Many apps and websites want to know your location and may track you to collect data.
    For more privacy and security, you could spoof them into thinking you were somewhere else, like Antarctica!

    Ideally, this would be simple and easy to use.
    A simple on/off button like on Orbot, and the ability to make easy, saveable, custom profiles by either entering the city name, or, by entering lattitude and longitude coordinates.

    A widget might be nice later on for all those people who love widgets.

    And enjoy the idea!

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  2. Sounds like a neat idea that would allow for some creative possibilities. Something tells me that GPS would not function quite right with this hack in place though.

    Submit your idea to AppReque.st as well since it's a database of good app ideas that are just waiting to be further developed.

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