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Location effecting connection

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by earsly, May 3, 2012.

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    I previous wrote that this phone's reception was horrible and that I thought the software for the phone was bad. However, I think it's the area that I live. My main residence is in San Jose, CA but I also have a house in Henderson, NV which is about 7 miles from Las Vegas. I just got back from Henderson and had 3-4 bars connection the whole time I was there. My phone would last the whole day. When I'm in San Jose, I get 3G to 2 bars connection the majority of the time and my phone dies about after 8 hours. I can't believe the reception in San Jose is worse than Las Vegas. For other people who have horrible connection it might be the area you live in and not the phone.

  2. Nashdroid

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    You are definitely onto something here by saying that location has something to do with the Gnex not getting signal. But from my particular experience with the phone, I have to say that the reason the location is a factor that plays into the signal on this phone is because the hardware radio on this phone just isn't up to par with Motorola and HTC's radios. Now that a lot of people here have installed the new OTA update, many of us are still seeing that we are not getting consistent, reliable or even signal PERIOD where we got great signal and could make calls on other phones in the past.

    So, does location play a role in the signal issue? For me, yes. But it's not because of Verizon or the distance from the tower, it's the hardware that Samsung put in this phone. That my opinion anyways, based on my experience.

    I am by no means a fanboy of any kind, and I actually do not care for Motorola at all. But I called Verizon yesterday and they did a trouble ticket for the network in my area and once the determine that it's not the network (which it isn't) they are going to let me pick another device to go to. I'll be going with the Razr Maxx, as I've heard and read that the signal for data and voice is second-to-none. I prefer the Gnex over any Motorola product if all things were equal, but the radio in this phone just stinks for me.
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    I'm pretty much in the same boat as you except Verizon sent me a replacement nexus which wasn't the issue at all and they will be calling with a follow up tomorro (friday) in which they will allow me to get a different phone all together. I've noted that the rezound has great radios (nearly 2 bars better/nearly 10-20 decibles better) but i've also heard the LG spectrum has fantastic radios as well, in some cases even better than HTC so i'm stuck between the two (i know LG's UI sucks big time, but the 4.5 inch screen is calling to me).

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