"Location services required" notification. What's causing it?



Recently, I've started getting this silly alert coming up on my Nexus 6:


If you click on it, you get sent to this page:


I intentionally have my GPS turned off, as it gobbles up the battery. So why on earth are these apps moaning about it? (especially something like Contacts ... which I would have thought would have no need for GPS services at all???)

Thanks :)



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Hi Andy,
First things first, why in the wild wild world of sports would your GPS causing a noticeable battery drain? That's the place to start my friend. I have errthing turned on - GPS, WiFI, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Play Services, I mean EEEERTHANG! I have it mated to my Moto 360 all day, it connects to my car, I am on WiFi at work all day and at home at night. My phone regularly gets a full days service even when I ride it hard. When I put it on to charge at night I usually have around 20% battery left and that's from 5:30 in the morning to about 10ish at night.

So tell us about your phone, what service provider(ATT, VZW,TMO), what build, what operating system (5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.0.1?)


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Long press on the notification to see which app is generating that message.

Also, if you keep location services on, but set to Battery saving, there should not be any noticeable impact on your battery life. Active use of GPS (say, when navigation is in use) does drain your battery - but you can enable it for that (maps will actually prompt you for that when you launch it).

Contacts can request location services - google dialer uses the caller ID feature to get information about placed nearby, and tapping on contact's address pulls up location - so, it is normal for those to use location services, but only briefly (which is why it shows up as "low battery use" in your screen print above).