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Lock 2.0 - Full: They Need 3.0

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Omaroid, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Omaroid

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    The Good
    Well i'll try to be as nice as i can be becuase, aint really much to write in this section. Basically you get the option to turn off you native locking system and jus run a new app that has its own locking system. It has lots of themes, and custom sliders. Also feeds to your lockscreen which android already does.

    The Bad
    Well lets start with force closes, all the time. Battery drainage ughhh. Also all the thems and custom sliders look like they were made by a fourth grade developer who learned to use android in a elementary computer class were the teacher left a Flash For Dummies book laying around. Basicall I see this as a knock off to the Ipod/Iphone Cydia Winterboard customiztions but those were actually good.

    Lock 2.0 needs major improvement and better customizations. Maybe in the next update there buddy but for now Lock 2.0 recieves a 3/10 on the Omaroid Scale.


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