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"Lock Apps" App

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by KzN, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. KzN

    KzN Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm not sure if this exists yet but I'd be willing to pay $2, even $5, for it.

    Although the lock screen is useful for keeping unauthorized people out, sometimes a friend wants to check Facebook, look something up, or just play a game but they have a dumb phone.

    There needs to be an app where you can lock certain apps [such as the market (just in case they accidentally buy something), gmail/email (for obvious reasons), or maybe that app that you use when you're lonely and bored (lolz!)]. To enter the app, you could either either a number code or do a pattern like on the lock screen. Apps should also require a password when accessed from the notification bar.

    However, if you're sick of it always asking for your password/pattern, there should be a way to turn it off (like when you're using it and nobody wants to use your phone anymore).

    There's an app for this on a jailbroken iPod/iPhone in Cydia called Lockdown (I have it on my 1st gen iPod).

  2. karimarie

    karimarie Well-Known Member

    I would love something like this!! Anyone?
  3. markww

    markww Newbie

    I'm not sure if this is possible. Even if it is, a user can just delete the app from the settings page, so it would only really useful against very young kids or ignorami.
  4. Viper786

    Viper786 Newbie

    Sorry to dig up a post from January, but does anyone know if there's an app like this in the market yet?
  5. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Android Expert

    Sounds like a pain in the Azz for the user if to access all the apps that you would have to give a code on each app. certainly it can be done though.
  6. App Lock Android Download Mobile Protection

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  7. iAuthorize

    iAuthorize Lurker

    App Protector Pro >> 1.99

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  8. twhc

    twhc Lurker

    LockMyApps ( Protect App ):eek:

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  9. twhc

    twhc Lurker

    This app starts to support Froyo.


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