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lock screen alarm and incoming call problemsI have a 4g MyTouch Slide 4g and have made no modificati

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WillyWill, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. WillyWill

    WillyWill Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a 4g MyTouch Slide 4g and have made no modifications to it other than some apps (have only had it for a week)

    I notice that sometimes the lock screen operates normally for alarms and phone calls: you have little icons for "accept call" and "decline call" for phone calls and "snooze" and "dismiss" for alarm that you drag into the unlock "RING" when the phone is locked during an incoming call or alarm.

    Sometimes though, this drag to answer/decline feature doesn't work and the phone says: "slide ring to answer" or "Slide ring to dismiss [alarm]" and it doesn't allow you to decline a call or snooze the alarm at all. A reset changed it - has this happened to anyone?

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  2. Gatorgt42

    Gatorgt42 Lurker

    like you said this feature is on the main screen . you can slide the option into the ring and it should work . But if t=you go into your settings you can set the sensativity on your main screen might be that your just have a heavy finger and its not responding right .....
  3. fl_jeep

    fl_jeep Lurker

    It is not a sensitivity issue. I have the same problem though. For the first couple weeks, pulling Answer or Decline to the ring worked fine. Now however, neither works. The only thing that will work is I can unlock the screen by pulling the ring up, which immediately answers the phone call.

    Overall, this phone has been extremely buggy. It seems to have gotten worse, or maybe it's just that I'm using more things and noticing it. I don't DL a ton of apps, it's not rooted, just a basic use smartphone.

    Other issues I've noticed:

    -HTC Gallery app still cuts off bottom portion of pics when uploading to Picasa. If I upload 2 or 3 at a time, it's okay, but even 5 will cause this problem.
    -When using the stock Browser app to go through my Reader stories, I normally long-press stories to Open in New Window for 3 or 4 and go back to read them all at once. When doing this, I can verify that the other windows are open. However, if I move away from the Browser app, when I go back, the other windows are gone/closed. The only window still open is whatever I was on when I moved away from Browser. This is no different than what I did with the MT3GS or G1.
    -I use 3 long widgets, Search, Weather, and a Settings option. They all easily fit in Portrait mode and when I slide screen up and icons/widgets go to Landscape, the widgets change just fine. Normally when I go back to Portrait everything goes back as expected. But on 3 or 4 occasions now, the widget (any/all of them) remains stretched as Landscape when returning to Portrait mode/sliding screen back down. Only fix is removing widget and re-adding.
    -Battery life really is atrocious. I'm blaming the bloatware.

    I guess these are all I can recall at this time. I'm extremely disappointed in this phone so far and I honestly am not that impressed with the processor speed.
  4. danaj

    danaj Android Enthusiast

    Hey guys, and welcome to the forums....I haven't had this particular issue, and in fact this phone has really worked great for me, although I have rooted and modded it. However I thought it was great before then too. As far as battery life goes, I have heard people having great results with the 1900 mah anker battery....you can get one on Amazon for under $20 with an external charger....The only problem I have really had with the phone is it getting very hot....I am sorry you guys are having problems, maybe I think this phone is so great because I am coming from the Huawei Ascend, which was great for learning on, but not so great for performance....good luck and welcome.

    edit: I hope to order one of those batteries this weekend!
  5. Reyali

    Reyali Lurker

    This issue is over three months old with no helpful responses. I just got this phone a week ago and it worked perfectly until today where it's having exactly the same issue described here for both calls and alarms. Any suggestions, other than wiping the phone? (Also, if I do that, I'm not really sure it won't just do this again in another week.)
  6. IamSandman

    IamSandman Lurker

    I got tired of the lock ring and I installed "No Lock" (free) from the Android Market. Then I downloaded WidgetLocker ($2.99) from Android Market and I use the ICS Theme for my lockscreen - fully configurable and works flawlessly as long as "No Lock is set to "No Lock" otherwise the ring pops up and annoys .... I hated that ring so the first thing I wanted to do is get rid of it.
  7. Reyali

    Reyali Lurker

    Turns out I'd updated HTC software the night before this issue started but didn't remember doing so. As it turns out, the following update fixed it which implies that it was the HTC update that broke it in the first place.

    Problem solved. Even though probably no one else is having this problem any more.
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  8. elomelia

    elomelia Lurker

    I am still having the problem! It started a couple of days ago, about a week after downloading the new android system. Any ideas??

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