Help Lock screen - Need emergency contact


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Hi all and thanks in advance. I need a feature I cannot find on my HTC Incredible. I have the phone locked so if I would lose the phone it would be more difficult to steal some of my information. But....

I need to have emergency contact information on the lock screen. For example, if I were unconscious or just lost the phone, how would some Good Samaritian know who to contact? I cannot find anyplace to enter this type of information. Had this on my previous phones (Palm) and miss it!



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Well there are a few apps:

Contact Owner - Android app on AppBrain will get you to choose a contact in your address book and post up the number you want. The phone number shows up on the lock screen as a "Please contact: Home ###-####" in small letters - kinda blends in with the text.

ICE: In Case of Emergency - Android app on AppBrain will let you put in information like allergies and medical conditions as well as having a list of people emergency personnel should contact. This one is available from the lock screen.

I think there's a few others but I guess it depends on how "in depth" you want it.