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Support Lock Screen questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lalyil, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. lalyil

    lalyil Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys!

    I've recently gotten the S4 after years with an iPhone so I'm a real noob.

    A couple of questions about lock screen -

    I remember seeing friends had drawings to unlock their phones. It wasn't a Pattern lock but something else. I downloaded the app Go Locker and used their Gesture unlock which is similar to what I want, but unfortunately the app kept failing and every few times I'd get 'Go Locker is not responding' and so I uninstalled it. Are there other apps that have that drawing/gesture unlock possibility? Also Go Locker kept opening my messages app automatically whenever I unlocked which was more than a little annoying and I couldn't find a way to stop it.

    Second, and unrelated to the first question - is there a way to have chosen apps/widgets appear in my lock screen if I use an actual lock? (PIN or password, something that isn't just a swipe) Cos it seems it only allows shortcuts and widgets on Swipe mode.

    Another question which I can't seem to find an answer phone - I'm using only 2 of the home screen pages available for now. But when I slide of course it shows all the empty pages too. Is it possible to have only those used, visible?

    I feel a little whiny about this request but I do wonder. :)


  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Welcome to the forums, lalyil.

    Just about all of that can be resolved by switching to the GoEx Launcher and then downloading those GoEx widgets and using them in that environment rather than the stock launcher. :)

    You'll see menu choices in the "preferences" section that pops up (along with the stock "settings" menu, etc) when you hit the main menu button on your device.
  3. lalyil

    lalyil Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you very much Frisco!

    However I downloaded GoEx Launcher with Go Locker and I just hated it. I didn't want all those widgets and I got completely lost and then Go Locker kept failing and so I uninstalled both.
    Is there a way with another app? Or no app? I don't want such a big app, something much simpler would do.
  4. androidpod

    androidpod Well-Known Member

    Your phone has five unlock types built in for you to choose from. There's no need to buy an app. Here are the steps.

    Go to:
    My device
    Lock screen
    Screen lock

    Now you will see five choices:
    Face unlock
    Face & Voice unlock

    Choose the one you prefer and you're all set.
  5. lalyil

    lalyil Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am aware of those but that doesn't answer any of my questions. :)
  6. androidpod

    androidpod Well-Known Member

    Oops.... Somehow I misunderstood the question :)

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