Help Lock Screen - Time before the phone locks?


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May 12, 2010
I cannot find an answer for this problem.

Is it possible to set the screen to turn off, let's say, after 2 minutes, but have the phone only lock after, let's say, 10 minutes.

During the day I am in and out of my contacts constantly and I am unlocking my phone too much! I just want it to lock after a preset time, not every time the device is turned off.

You can do this with the app LockBot Pro....I don't know if the free version will do this though. Could always try it :)
I was hoping this was possible on the standard phone? LockBot seems to have issues...

Bump...anyone have thoughts? Driving me crazy that every time I turn the phone off I have to reenter the unlock sequence. I would like a delay.
I have and Atrix 4G, running 2.3.4, and when I attempt to set the unlock pattern the program crashes. I've already rebooted and tried again, but the same problem occurs.