Lock Screen without pressing button??


Hey so i just got the vibrant about a week ago, and so far no major issues. still fumbling around in the apps market for the good stuff.

One thing I found annoying was having to press the power/unlock button and then swiping the screen to unlock the phone every time, is there anything in the market or some setting to avoid pressing the button and just swiping the screen or possibly using the touch buttons on the front of the phone then swiping????


As far as I know there is nothing in the market for that. You might want to try Lock 2.0 the full version from the market. This app will give you options to set up ur lockscreen like the iphone lockscreen. It has several of settings also, maybe you can give it a shot. About 90% of android phones and iphone have a lock button and you either swipe or slide to unlock. Hope this helps.