Help Lock/unlock not working or is super delayed?


Ok so the lock/unlcok button is not doing its job of locking/unlocking my phone. At first i thought the button itself was broken, as my phone (android) is completely unresponsive to pressing the button, but then it kept locking and unlocking, as i had been pressing the button to try and get it to work. so this tells me its just super delayed, like my phone's response time to pressing the lock/unlock is delayed. I am not even close to exceeding my data limit. WHATS UP!


Android Expert
zstone, welcome to the site!:)

In the interest of getting you the help you ask for, could you please be a tiny bit more specific about your actual phone model as

<snip>as my phone (android)<snip>

is fairly vague. After all the name of this site is, so most all of the phones discussed here are android. Please don't take this as criticism or a correction, just an honest question so that I can make sure that your question is asked (and/or moved) in (or to) the most appropriate area for your question.

Thanks and again, welcome.