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Locked out and cant factory reset, stuck in ODIN mode

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GangstaQween, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. GangstaQween

    GangstaQween Lurker
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    I bought a phone from a friend and he said it was fine. i then realized he got locked out of it by to mainy password attempts. i thought it could be easily fixed by a hard factory reset, but when i hold down the down volume and the power button it asks about a OS download and goes to a ODIN mode. how can i fix this all? how can i get out of ODINE mode? how can i get the phone unlocked ? the phone is a samsung galaxy proclaim. im not aware if it has been rooted or not.

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  2. I Snort Flour

    I Snort Flour Lurker

    It's power while holding Vol up and down simultaneously also you can boot safe mode by powering on the phone waiting for the track phone logo or whatever yours has and hold down on your home button which kinda looks like a page our box with lines bottom left when holding phone upright
  3. Vorridor

    Vorridor Newbie

    Or just try rebooting. :)
    If that doesn't work, get to a pc or laptop, download Odin, run it, then download cwm and put in an easy to find place on your computer, open Odin and plug your phone in, if Odin recognizes your phone a com port will show up. Then click the pda slot and find the cwm file and then uncheck partition. Now click start, this will flash cwm onto your phone. Now find and download the stock.tar and viper or hawk.pit, now open Odin again, plug the phone in, and make sure Odin recognizes it again. Now put the stock.tar in the pda slot, and the hawk or viper.pit in the pit slot, make sure that partition is not checked, and click start.
    To be sure of everything you're about to do, Google search and read instruction closely. I'm not posting files because; they aren't my work, and good instruction's are available along with the needed files.

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