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Locked out of motoblur

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wm2485, Nov 3, 2010.

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    I posted this on the other forum as-well...

    Ok, so Ive been running the leaked or whatever 2.1 on me and my wife's Non-Rooted Cliq for probably about a month... and well, she was having problems with hers and wanted to do a factory reset... so I did it, but when I tried to log into Motoblur it would not let me. So I tried to create a new Motoblur account, and it would not let me do that either. So I re-flashed the 2.1... same problem. So I then called t-mobile (didn't tell them about the 2.1, just pretended that I was using the 1.5) they transferred me to Motorola and they said they couldn't figure out why but my device was locked out of Motoblur... and that I should go to t-mobile and have them swap out my device. So after I got off that phone call I flashed the 1.4.8 back on the device and everything is fine again. So for the heck of it I did a factory reset on mine... same exact thing. So I'm taking from this that Motorola found away to stop people from logging in to Motoblur if ur running that leaked 2.1. So I would recommend that people DO NOT do a factory reset if your running the leaked 2.1, because I don't think you can sign back in to Motoblur, and if you can't get pass that... well, Nothing!!!
    Whatever my G2 came yesterday so my cliq is going on eBay. Wife is still stuck with it for now. Someone else did what Motorola couldn't and what they get pissed off. I keep hearing people say that motorola is not required to give the 2.1. WELL WHEN I'M PROMISED SOMETHING I EXPECT IT TO BE DELIVERED. THE DROID GOT ITS UPDATES. I WILL BE DOING MY PART IN TRYING TO MAKE SURE NONE OF MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS EVER TAKE THE GAMBLE BY BUYING ANOTHER MOTOROLA DEVICE AGAIN.

    The 2.1 I was using is - tmo-morrison-mamba-2.0.25-P3-supermonster-customer.sbf

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