Help Locked SMS Messages GONE?? (Droid 2 Global)


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Posting this message for a family member who has a Droid 2 Global.

We have ChompSMS installed as the text messaging app on the phone. Use it ALL the time including earlier today without noticing any problems. We have about 40 text messages LOCKED from deletion from about 3 or 4 different people. Launched the app today as we do TONS of times during the day and the LOCKED MESSAGES ARE GONE!! No way that they were "accidentally deleted" by user because you have to do through MANY steps to confirm and delete locked messages. Didn't notice any weird occurrence with the freeze, no restart, no system or software updates, no SD card issues...nothing out of the ordinary! Called Verizon and they had NO CLUE what might have happened.

Has this happened to anyone else?? Any way to get them back??




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So, anyone have this happen to them? I doubt I can recover the text messages but wondering if this has happened to anyone before?