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Lodge Official Complaints with Rogers

Discussion in 'Rogers' started by mjschmidt, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Jun 27, 2009
    In my house.
    When I called Rogers tech support yesterday to explain why I hadn't updated yet, and my concerns about the various problems with phones experienced by other after the update, i was told that NO ONE had called to complain about any problems.

    Now, we all know this isn't true, because we've all posted in these forums about our calls to Rogers.

    In my case he said that because i had not done the update yet, he couldn't officially register my complaint/issue for the "network group" to look at. Fro this, I think perhaps the problem may be that if we call and ask for help, but don't ask for it to be registered as an official issue, or get a call reference # with notes in our account, they don't record it as an issue, and thus can get away with saying there are no complaints.

    I am proposing that we create a database here of our calls to tech support to reference when we call tech support or Customer Service (or the OotP).

    If/when you call tech support with an issue, specify that you want to formal report an issue with your phone, and that you want it noted in your account details. Ask for the tech's FULL name and his/her employee number. RogersMary asked me for that info for the tech I spoke to, so they must be required to provide it. You must also ask for a call reference #.

    With all of this info, and the specific requests that they document the issue, we can then call customer service, customer retention, and/or the OotP and say that we KNOW the issues exist and that we have reference numbers for the issues that have been reported.

    I am aware the phones are working "great" for many users, unfortunately for some users they are NOT working.


  2. puleen

    puleen Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2009
    Toronto, Canada
    I called Rogers Tech. Support yesterday spoke to a person by the name of Aayan (didn't get his emp #). I have the reference number.

    The response I got from the person was that the best they can do is send me a replacement Magic device. I know for sure that sending me a replacement device will not solve the problem and I do not want to go through the hassle of reinstalling them. I asked to be downgraded to the original stock OS but was told that HTC has not provided that and that is not an option. The only option is for them to send me a replacement Magic and hope that the same issues don't pop up again. (i've had this happen with the Bold a few times where they sent me 3 replacement devices and all had the same issues)

    The tech. also noted that no one else has reported the battery issue and Google Voice force closing along with Gallery and a couple of other applications. He said he will make a note of this in my account and wanted me to tell him which department to transfer me to.

    This doesn't make sense. How am I supposed to know what department I should be transferred to? Isn't it their job to figure that out?

    I asked that I be transferred to Customer Care, but he knew that they wouldn't be able to do anything. In the end I was tranferred to Retention and was told that they can give me another device of my choice which I would have to purchase (keep in mind I already paid $199 for the Magic in June 2009 and had my contract renewed for 3 more years) and it will extend my contract for three years.

    What this means is that Rogers' likes their customers to pay for mistakes that are made by Rogers. Some business model, if you ask me!
  3. thewhitewizard


    Feb 11, 2010
    office admin.
    Toronto, Canada
    Try and condense my story from a rant. May not be successful.

    Wasn't eligable for an upgrade, did not want to pay full price, so i went online and bought it on Kijiji. So did my wife. Mine had the update, wifes did not. It took 6.5 f'n days with techsupport to get data restarted on my wifes phone. Apparently the issue was because when i first installed the update, i had wifi and location detection enabled. Nowhere in the software installation instructions did it say to disable it. That in itself is egregious.

    Worse still is the fact that they wont replace our Dreams with Magic's because as im told "you didn't buy the phone from us, its not in your profile, we cant help you".


    here's an excerpt of an email im firing off to Rogers. whether you agree or not, i think ive stated my case here well enough.

    "Even though I have talked with over 15 reps at Rogers (and all were very friendly and supportive but unable to resolve the situation) the main sticking point of contention was the fact that I had purchased my wife's phone and mine on Kijiji through a third party so that I am not eligible for the Magic hardware upgrade that Dream users are getting. While you may very well continue to hold this belief, it only adds to my supposition that you wish to double dip. Here is the circular line of reasoning:
    Rogers sells phone to Person X >> Person X pays amount either a.full price for phone or b.subsidized with contract yearly term. either case conditions are met. >> Person X sells phone to me >> I now own the phone under the current issue. Since conditions were met by person X, it is irrelevant that I did not purchase the phone from Rogers. The only reason I could understand for not allowing me the upgrade path is if the phone is proven to be stolen off the back of a truck, or if I attempted to root the phone and 'bricked' it making it inoperable. Neither is the case. Since this is a Rogers branded HTC Dream... it's support must continue down the chain no matter where the line of ownership ends. This isn't a matter of dealing with a warranty issue because of something I did to the phone... it is based on a Rogers design decision in conjunction with HTC at the birth level, and all HTC Dreams must fall under this program regardless. There is established precedence with factory recalls of vehicles. It does not matter at what level of ownership a car is under, a recall repair is extended to every car affected by said design flaw and must rightly be fixed. So in my judgment, you can either allow me to ship my phone to you so you can replace the ROM chip with one that will run Android 2.0 when it comes out, or put me under the Dream to Magic upgrade."

    4 years ago i left Telus for Rogers when Telus handed me over a Motorola RZR on a 3 yr contract because the salesman said it would do everything a RZR could do. Too bad he lied and i found out you could only install pics and music directly from the Telus store, and there was no PC-link option and you couldn't make your own custom ringtones, etc... Telus locked me into 3yrs with a broken phone. I spent 30 minutes on the line with manager explaining the logic that if the phone was crippled from the onset and sold under false pretense, then my contract was null n void. I won it out. Same logic applies here. If the phone fails to follow the same upgrade path along with others in its same class (dream/magic) but is sold under the same banner, as this board has made clear, then an exchange needs to be applied to ALL Rogers Dreams regardless of who owns it.

    Thats the end of my rant. Personally, i dont expect a response. They have me by the nutsack for 1.9 more years. Then im gonna ditch them forever.

    Someone here said it best. Tech users take charge. You want the goodies without the risk, save up and get an unlocked phone and stay away from contracts!!!! I should check to see if www.saynotocontracts.com is available and make my own website to blast both BELL and ROGERS with.

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