Logic Labyrinth: This is my Game!!


After more than 1 year developing a game, is born Labyrinth Logic.





Video: Game Logic Labyrinth - YouTube

A very easy to play logic game, the aim is to get a ball into the hole by moving left, right, up and down... But you will enjoy the challenge for sure!

Exceed yourself and beat your friends!

Each level will progressively increase in difficulty and ask for the best out of you to solve them. According to your performance, you can receive up to 3 stars. You can repeat the levels as many times as you want to get a better score.

The game is divided into 5 different worlds that you can access through the wall of windows, each with a different and attractive design. Each world has more than 25 levels. That meand more than 100 levels in total to have fun!

Enjoy and win!


Lite Version (Free)

Full Version