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Login Android Market--Google non-gmail account?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bwwhite, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. bwwhite

    bwwhite Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just got a Samsung Vibrant today--thanks to the free phone promotion at T-Mobile.

    I'm a total Android newbie. I have a Google account using my Yahoo email address. Do I HAVE to have a gmail account to log in to the Android Market? When I try to login on the phone with my regular Google account, it says I am not a gmail user.

    I have already updated my phone to Android (Froyo?) v2.2 and done a hard reset. I read elsewhere on this forum that logging in should be done right after a restart.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    PS I now have a Windows PC, an Android phone, and an iPad! I'm either in 3 different heavens or 3 different hells, depending on your point of view!

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  2. First of all I don't even know what it means that you have Google account via Yahoo, yes you need Google account so just open one if you don't have one.
  3. Sorry I'm using forum app as you have Gmail it will work so just logon from it.
  4. bwwhite

    bwwhite Lurker
    Thread Starter

    To be more clear, I have a Google account. I use Google checkout, etc. I login to my Google account using my Yahoo email address. When I try to do the same on my Android phone, it tells me that I don't have a gmail account--which is true. I have a standard Google account, but do not have gmail.

    Can I still get to the Android Market if I have a Google account, but don't have gmail set up?

    Thanks, again!

  5. zilla19

    zilla19 Well-Known Member

    Just open a Gmail account, it's free and only takes about 2 mins. Market should work with a Gmail account.
  6. DemBone

    DemBone Lurker

    It took me a bit to figure it out, but I found out how to get a "non-gmail" google account to sign into the google+ app.

    You need to be out of the app.

    Press the Menu button for your phone, and go into Settings.
    Go into "Accounts & Sync"
    Press "Add account"
    Press "Google"
    Press "Next"
    Press "Sign in"
    Sign into the google account your Google+ is registered to
    Set how you want your sync to be and confirm

    After you do this, go back into the Google+ app and your correct email will be listed. Click on it and enjoy!
  7. mithapita

    mithapita Lurker

    I have tried adding a Google Account through the settings several times, but it still asks for a user ID, not email. Because of this, it won't add my non-gmail google+ account. Also, I have my youtube google account on my phone but this does not show up on my google+ app. The google+ app only shows my gmail account. I don't use the youtube account for google+, but I'm just wondering why it wouldn't show that one if it is also a google account...
  8. Perrin

    Perrin Lurker

    This thread is from a long time ago, and so things may have changed. I was recently able to create a Google account without a GMail account. I actually used my company email address and created a Google account for it. I was then able to log into the Android Market (... sorry, Google Play) with my work email address and password without ever having to make a Gmail account. Didn't require a GMail account at all.

    Link to associate a non-gmail account to a Google Account:
  9. kaalki

    kaalki Lurker

    Hi bwwhite, i am wondering if you ever found a good solution for this. I have the exact same problem. I've had a google account for a long time that I sign in to using a non-gmail email address. Now I have a new Android phone and it won't let me set up my google account because it doesn't recognize the non-gmail login. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. bwwhite

    bwwhite Lurker
    Thread Starter

    kaalki--I just created a gmail account, but try the suggestions given in the other responses to my original question.
  11. kaalki

    kaalki Lurker

    Yes, thank you. I did create a Gmail account and the good thing is that I was able to associate it with my existing Google account, so I can still log in everywhere else with my original non-gmail google account log-in.
  12. CJ Miller

    CJ Miller Lurker

    I am a new user, and this same thing is driving me nuts. Apparently, Google can't tell the difference between a username and an email address, which is really stupid. Say what you mean! When I try logging on to a Google service, it asks explicitly for "username", and when I fill it in and enter it, it adds "@gmail.com" - which of course is not a real address. My new phone, a Casio Commando, does the same thing. What's the point in signing me up with a user name and not letting me use it? So I sign in with my email address, a Hotmail account, and it lets me access YouTube, Google Play, and other services. But on the phone, it just complains and asks for the gmail account. What makes this more annoying is that there are no errors or other helpful feedback to users to explain what they really need. Even if I do make a gmail account to have it done with, I still just spent an hour of rage dealing with this nonsense, which doesn't make for a pleasant first impression on a new user.
  13. The Ref

    The Ref Lurker

    Similar to others, I am trying to set up a new android phone with a Google account that is not a GMail address.

    What is different to others is that I already have another droid phone + droid tablet using the Google account that I want to use. Creating a new GMail account for this device means different settings (and having to add $$ to different accounts plus paying twice for things). My Google account settings have both Phone and Tablet listed and Authorised sites include "Android Login Service
  14. sircondre

    sircondre Lurker


    I just figured out how to link-up your non-Gmail account so you can access your Play files.

    First you have to make a Gmail account and log into that Google account. Once it has the first one it will let you add the non-Gmail account with no error.
  15. lltafel

    lltafel Lurker


    I'm just setting up a new Android and wondered if you will explain what you said, "once it has the first one it will let you add the non-Gmail account with no error" Is this another Google account that doesn't have Gmail?

    Thanks -- Linda

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