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Login app just terminate whenever it starts.

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by farter, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. farter

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    I made a layout like this (Two EditTexts ,Two buttons.), and codes are below .

    class RegisterActivity: AppCompatActivity() {

    private lateinit var mFirebaseAuth: FirebaseAuth
    private lateinit var mEdID: EditText
    private lateinit var mEdPW: EditText

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?, persistentState: PersistableBundle?) {
    super.onCreate(savedInstanceState, persistentState)

    mFirebaseAuth = Firebase.auth
    mEdID = findViewById<EditText>(R.id.editTextID)
    mEdPW = findViewById<EditText>(R.id.editTextPW)

    //registration button
    btn_register.setOnClickListener {
    val strEmail = mEdID.getText().toString()
    val strPW = mEdPW.getText().toString()

    mFirebaseAuth.createUserWithEmailAndPassword(strEmail, strPW)
    .addOnCompleteListener(this) { task ->
    if (task.isSuccessful()) {
    Log.w(TAG, "successful registration")
    val firebaseuser = mFirebaseAuth.currentUser
    } else {
    Log.w(TAG, "registration failed", task.exception)
    Toast.makeText(baseContext, "registration failed",

    //login button
    val strEmail = mEdID.getText().toString()
    val strPW = mEdPW.getText().toString()

    .addOnCompleteListener(this) { task->
    Log.d(TAG, "successful login")
    val user = mFirebaseAuth.currentUser
    Log.w(TAG, "login failed", task.exception)
    Toast.makeText(baseContext, "login failed.",

    I wrote codes in onCreate , and the app just terminate whenever activity start.
    I don't know why this happens.

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