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Logitech Tablet Keyboard

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Swizz, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Just got my Logitech Tablet Keyboard a few days back, and I was really excited to get this paired up with my G-Slate.

    An absoloute breeze. Turn it on and it immediatly goes into pairing mode, waiting for your device to find it. Took all of 30 seconds to get it connected. When I flip the power switch on, now, it's connected to the tablet within five seconds.

    The Board
    The keys are raised very nicely, and spaced to make typing errors minimal given the overall size of the keys. Has all of the dedicated android buttons one would expect: Home, Back, Search and Menu; all of which are integrated naturally into the keyboard, they feel as if they belong there.

    There is are a set of function buttons on the number row, most of which regard media/music: Launch music player, volume play/pause and track skip. There is also an E-mail, Calendar and Browser launcher. I can't seem to get the music launcher function to work, but the rest of the media related buttons function as expected.

    Arrow keys will be great for gaming, but Android isn't very prepard for clear navigation using arrow keys and it is hard at times to determine where you are when trying to navigate. I find myself touching the screen for navigation versus trying to use the arrows. Not the worst of things as the tablet is never more than arms length away when using the keyboard.

    The Case/Stand
    This was one of the more underwhelming parts of the kit. The case itself is nice, but the piece that turns it into a stand feels cheap and I don't expect it to last the life of the keyboard. As for using it as a case, it's a magnet versus snap to hold it together but for some reason Logitech decided to allow the very top of the keyboard to stick while it is stored leaving the power switch exposed to unintentional flips and the subsequent battery drain. While I haven't tested it, I am hoping there is a timeout to shut off the keyboard after X amount of time of non-use like with any wireless accessory.

    Logitech advertises this keyboard as Android only, but it's a bluetooth keyboard at heart, so why not see what else it can hook into? Paired it right up with my PS3 and she was working like a charm. The down side is I discovered this keyboard is only capable of storing one partner at a time, so to switch between devices requires a new pairing. Not horrible, as there is a quick "connect" button on the underbelly of the keyboard, but dissapointing none-the-less.

    Ready to Buy?
    I was ready to give Logitech my money for two, one for me one for the Mrs, but on a whim I decided to see if anyone else is selling them. Turns out TigerDirect.com sells them for $55 versus the $70 that Logitech wanted. Color me sold!

    A great buy for anyone looking to increase their productivity with their tablet. I will probably my laptop with this combination when I go back to school, and I'm looking forward to a lighter load. Of course this review was typed with the keyboard.

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    Thanks for the informative report. Would be nice to see a pic and a link.

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