logmein ignition

are there any apps out there that are similar to logmein ignition but free? any apps that will take my mac desktop and put it on my droid aria screen? i saw a friend of mine did it with his ipod touch and it just looked so cool. kind of like an extremely intense gmote :p. thanks!


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for any of u wondering. i found the solution. i think everyone should try it out. i downloaded vnr remote on the market and it's so easy to use. now i can get my pc or mac desktop on my phone and utilize it it's awesome!


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LogMeIn has a free version, you just have to look for it on their website. The main difference between free and paid is you can't transfer files on the fly with the free version. However, I found that the easy way around that is to get on email on your remote desktop, open email, and email the file to your phone or your local computer. Almost as fast.


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No free version of logmein for android and since we are in an android forum that's kind of important.

You're right and I stand corrected. I've been using it on desktop computers (work Mac to home PC and vice versa) and not using it on my Droid.