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Support Logsprovider, Twlauncher and others error looping: please how can I save data?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ftpftp, May 12, 2012.

  1. ftpftp

    ftpftp New Member
    Thread Starter

    May 12, 2012
    Hello, I'm Italian so my English is not very good.
    Please I would like to ask you if somebody can help me with this problem.

    I have a GT-i9100 with Android 2.3.3. The device is not rooted and I kept the original software from the day I bought the phone.

    When I turn on my phone I have this error message looping:

    "The application LogsProvider (com.sec.android.provider.LogsProvider process)has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

    And, if I stay on the home screen, also:

    "The application TwLauncher (com.sec.android.app.twlauncher process)has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

    And occasionally I also get some others Force Closure, as:

    Android process.media
    Task Provider (process com. Android.providers)
    Message (process com.android.mms)
    IM (com.sec.android.im process)
    AP Mobile (com.sec.android.widgetapp.apnews process)
    Social Hub (com.seven.Z7 process)

    I have also found out that when I choose "reboot" from the "recovery mode", I get this error:

    E: copy_kernel_file :: Can't open /data/log/recovery_kernel_log.txt

    Here is a very short video I did about the problems so far described: GS2 error looping - also kernel error when in recovery mode - How to save data? YouTube

    I think - but I have no experience - that if I do a factory reset I'll probably solve the problem (is this true?).

    But this is the big deal: since I am disabled, sometimes I don't write by hand and I record voice recordings (with the standard voice recorder of the phone). I have some very important data on the phone and since they were recent I have no backup.
    There are mainly voice recording (took with the standard recorder app) and some notes I took with an app called Note Everything that I would not like to lose.

    Is there a way of saving this data?

    Here you can find all the detailed additional information:
    - the phone also display the icon of "memory almost full". So I can't install from the computer version of google play another launcher, because it would probably not install for no memory
    - the phone also crashes after few minutes (sometimes soon, sometimes later)
    - when I turn on again the phone, it is allways on the same home screen (I have 8 desktop home screen, it is always on the fifth)
    - I have no External Micro SD card
    - I could go on settings --> applications --> manage applications --> LogsProvider --> Clear data. The error of "LogsProvider" stops appearing, but if the phone crashes next time it returns, and if the phone does not chrash, if I go on home screen I still have all the others errors
    - I could go on settings --> applications --> manage applications --> and I deleted some apps. When I turn off and on again the phone, the apps looks again there
    - I could never connect this phone to KIES on my Windows Vista computer. It keeps on telling me "connecting", and also now it make the same thing. (Before the error occurred, I always used Kies Air so I didn't worried about that, and I had never tried to connect it to another PC).
    - I have now tried to connect the phone to KIES on the Windows 7 of a friend of mine, who successfully regularly connects his GS2 (not branded version, mine is branded). Also there, with my phone KIES keeps telling "connecting"
    - If I put the phone in Debug Mode, or in USB Mode, in My Computer I can see for some seconds the icon of the mass storage device (for example "K:"), but If I try to open it on my computer, I have an error like "the device is not ready", or the icon disappear

    Thank you very very much in advance.


  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2011
    Kuala Lumpur
    Not sure how much I can help since I don't have our problem exactly, but here is my opinion...

    1) A factory reset would likely resolve all your problems.
    2) I think Kies should be able to back up your voice recorder if you can get it to connect. (Not sure about this since don'y use voice recorder)
    3) I believe Note Everything can make its own backup.

    So for USB connection
    1) Kies:
    Try with USB debug mode off in developer options. Download latest Samsung Kies on PC. Reboot the PC after Kies is installed.

    Switch ON Kies. (Run as Admin mode if Windows 7.) Try rebooting the phone before connecting to Kies first time.

    Then connect the USB.

    If cannot, try rebooting the phone / PC a few times and reconnect. Then try with different options like USB debug mode on. (And maybe try cleaning the USB port with a toothbrush while you are at it).

    2) USB mass storage mode.
    Again try with USB debug mode off. Without connecting the USB, go to Settings/ Wireless & Network/ USB utilities and tap on the icon, then only connect the USB cable. Follow on screen instructions.

    3) MTP connection
    This is similar to USB storage mode. With USB debug mode off. Install latest Samsung Kies. Without opening Kies, connect the phone with the PC. Go to the phone homescreen. If it works, MTP connection should come up.

    Once you are connected to the PC, you have options. Use Kies to backup whatever you can. If you can connect via MTP or USB mass storage, you can try browsing the phone and copy and paste everything that could possible be useful to you into the PC. For example, copy Note Everything folder. Next time after factory reset and reinstall of Note Everything App, you can transfer the content of the folder back, and you should have your notes there.

    Cheers & good luck
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  3. ftpftp

    ftpftp New Member
    Thread Starter

    May 12, 2012
    Thanks a lot Russel Ng for your reply.

    As you suggest me, I'll do everything I can to try to connect the phone to the PC. Copying the file directly from the phone to the computer would be maybe the best option, I'd be sure that I have all the files I care and I would't be worried by making a Factory Reset.

    But If I find out that the phone doesn't connect to the PC in any of these methods, is there anything I could try before a factory reset?

    By the way, I read on this forum that the wipe data/factory reset would leave intact all the files that are stored in the /sdcard directory, is this true?

    Thank in advance.

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