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Lol at no one on this board caring about the us sg2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ricanlegend, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. ricanlegend

    Thread Starter

    I never see any news about the us versions of the phone even tho they about to be released and already been reviewed this board is just for the overseas sh2 I find my info from other sites bit I ain't mad at cha lol

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  2. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    I'm sure you will get more information relevant to you on here if more like you join and contribute. :)
  3. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    What utter rubbish!

    1. As you point out, they have not been released yet.

    2. There are a variety of SGSII's for the American market. Some are identical to the worldwide SGSII's and so do not need to be discussed as such. In the same way that the UK version is not signalled out against the French, German, Dutch, etc; SGSII's

    3. There are forums for varieties of the SGSII where it warrants it:-


    Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch - Android Forums
  4. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    "overseas" only to you!
  5. TobesEtc

    TobesEtc Android Enthusiast

    Maybe it's because nearly all the SGS2 users currently live in a place my old firm called ROW....(ie Rest Of World)... or as it said on their world map "There Be Monsters!".

    I'm kidding... blame your telco's for the delay. Or Samsung.
  6. ricanlegend

    Thread Starter

    Lol I'm not mad like I said I'm just point out facts that there is no info here about the us galaxy phones on here which is fact the phones were released and reviewed you post reviews of a phone case but I can't get no info on the us sg2 just saying I found everything I know from other sites
  7. ricanlegend

    Thread Starter

    I'm waiting for the att version thx tho
  8. atmasters

    atmasters Android Enthusiast

    what is the difference between the us and the rest of the world? I am in Canada and I love the phone. It is very fast great screen everything I wanted in a phone.
  9. Twinn

    Twinn Android Expert

    biggest diffrence is that US had to wait for it till now unlike rest of the world but also there is or will be ver. with full qwerty (@at&t ? dont remember exactly). it was somewhere on this forum, few weeks ago. dont have time to look for it now but if u search u will find it.
  10. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    The SGSII, AT&T version, is identical to the SGSII that the rest of the world has had for nearly 6 months already so why would it need a seperate forum or to be discussed any differently, or at all, since it has not been released yet?

    Here are the 2 side-by-side:-

    Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T vs. Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II - GSMArena.com

  11. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Android Enthusiast

    Most chose not to wait and I have been using my SG2 on AT&T for a long time now. The AT&T version has little interest to me. I could not be more happy with my non-USA SG2:p
  12. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Android Enthusiast

    The biggest difference is that the AT&T SG@ will have the regular 4 Android touchscreen buttons on the bottom of the phone. At least that is what I have seen.

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