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LOL!! iPhone 4 engineer gets the boot!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by LECTER, Aug 8, 2010.


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    In November 2008, Steve Jobs hired Mark Papermaster, IBM's (IBM) top microprocessor executive, to replace Tony Fadell as head of the iPod and iPhone division. IBM promptly filed a complaint in federal court to prevent Papermaster from leaving, arguing that he possessed highly confidential IBM trade secrets. The dispute -- which made headlines for weeks -- wasn't settled until the following January in a deal that required Papermaster to wait until the following April to join Apple.
    Sixteen months later, Papermaster is out, replaced as head of the iPhone division by the man who originally recruited him, Bob Mansfield.
    The news was reported by the New York Times and confirmed by Steve Dowling, head of Apple PR.
    Papermaster, Dowling told the Times, "is leaving the company and Bob Mansfield, senior vice president of Macintosh hardware engineering, is assuming his responsibilities."
    Papermaster's sudden departure immediately set off speculation that it was somehow related to the iPhone 4's widely publicized antenna problems. Given that he was the head of the division that produced the phone, it's a conclusion that's hard to avoid.


  2. copestag

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    hopefully when they fired him they cited that as the reason............ he will have 1 heck of a wrongful termination lawsuit........ theres plenty of video evidence from his boss saying there is absolutely no problem with the phone...... gonna be real hard for them to juggle that decision..... either pay the guy whatever he wants to drop it..... or admit to the world that they are liars and the phone is junk
  3. Droid_Genius

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    They had to GIVE free bumpers, and refund people for the phones if they chose to return it in which I am sure some people did. So the money lost needed to be recouped so his salary + perks was a good starting point lol....this was an idea that embarrassed Apple, you think Jobs would stand for that.....and lastly I wouldn't want a product from a company who tries to throw others under the bus to deflect all the attention off their screw up and the best answer you could give me is put duct tape around it? If Toyota can do recalls, why cant Apple? a 15k + car trumps a 600.00 phone anyday
  4. We now laugh when people lose their jobs? How sad.

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    Yeah, "poor" guy! Bet he'll end up in the poor house! :rolleyes:
  6. Alieno

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    So all we know thus far is that he left the company.

    And everything else is speculation, am i right?
  7. stainlessray

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    kool aide anyone???????
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  8. LoyalServant

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    Yeah and Apple saying it's 'normal' for execs to leave is also BS.
    Face reality.... Apple suddenly needs RF engineers after the iPhone 4
    Now, the guy in charge of it 'leaves' because he had a 'falling out' with Jobs.

    People don't leave jobs (not the person) unless they have another one lined up.
    So, if he left for another job we will find out soon enough.
    Chances are he got fired or forced to resign.

    Sugar coat it if you want but the point is, the guy in charge is not there anymore nor are some of the guys that created the fiasco (the RF engineers)

    So, Apple releases a screwed up product and suddenly they need more employees because the ones they had departed (for whatever reasons) all of a sudden?
    If this was such a great job and they were so valuable, why are they gone now? :rolleyes:
  9. Alieno

    Alieno Member

    So the answer to my question is: Yes i am right, everything else is just empty and baseless speculation about a situation none of us know the exact (or any) details about. :)

    Just making sure!
  10. Droid_Genius

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    Yea cause the real joke is he most likely gets a HEFTY severance on his way out...
  11. byteware

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    Mostly at Steve Jobs' claim that it wasn't a design flaw...

    Apple went to court with IBM in order to get this guy. He's THAT valuable. He's not the kind of guy who just leaves without a job lined up. Not that he'll have any trouble lining up a new one.

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